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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dallas Fire &rescue: ghost fire by G.g. andrew

36394262When tenacious writer Laney Stonewater ropes firefighter Lucas Moore into staying overnight at the supposedly haunted Cattleman’s Crossing Inn, both of them will get more than they bargained for. The inn was the site of a blaze that killed a man 20 years ago and left Lucas with a strange burn mark on his arm and memories he’d rather forget. Along with a psychic, the victim’s widow, and an amateur ghost hunter, Laney and Lucas set out to learn if Cattleman’s Crossing went up in flames due to a simple mistake…or something much more sinister.

As the night grows darker–and the inn grows warmer, stranger, and more surreal–Laney and Lucas discover they’ve got a connection that burns as hot as any blaze and could have staying power beyond the haunted walls of the inn.

But first they must survive the night. ~

Source: e-arc provided in exchange for an honest review


G.G. Andrew’s always has a new *spooky-ish* romance just in time for the Halloween season and this year it’s Ghost Fire.

Laney Stonewater is writing a story about the 20th anniversary of the Cattleman’s Crossing Inn fire.
Her plan is to reunite the survivors – the victim’s widow and a firefighter Lucas Moore, who was a child at the time - for a night at the haunted inn on the anniversary of the fire, to share their memories, along with a ghost hunter and psychic. Even though she doesn’t believe in ghosts or that the inn is haunted this could be the story that gives Laney her big break.

Lucas has been haunted by the fire since he was a child and never wants to go back to the inn again but his protective instincts for Laney compel him to since she’s staying at the inn whether he goes or not.

This is a fun little story. Despite there being a lot of skepticism from Laney’s side and resistance from Lucas, they have a quite a bit of chemistry and they just work as a couple even though it’s rather fast. For a quick novella, they are given quite a bit of background and romantic tension with a believable HFN ending.

The night at the inn isn’t over the top scary but it was spooky with a few unexpected twists, making this a another fun Halloween read by Andrew’s.

*I also recommend G.G. Andrew’s Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish trilogy. The first book – Crazy, Sexy Ghoulish is a freebie on Amazon It's is more fun romcom than scary.

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I’ve only read one (Inn Love – it was cute) so I can’t speak to the quality and I believe they are all M/M but I’m not 100% sure about that.


  1. I should read something like this for halloween

  2. Love that you're doing books with spooky bits in them this month :D

  3. I'm most definitely going to check out the Tricks or Treats Giveaway. Spooky m/m tales sound fabulous to me :)

    1. Hope you find something you like!

    2. I got greedy and grabbed them all. Now to find time to read them!

  4. Spooky-ish sounds good to me. I'm always in for fun this time of year. :)

    1. I don't know why Halloween novellas aren't more of a thing! There are a lot more this year though so yay!

  5. Well, you know I like m/m so the giveaway sounds fun. But thanks for sharing your review! That's great it's a bit spooky but not overly terrifying. Sometimes those are needed!


    1. It's creepy but not super scary.

      Hope you find some good freebies!

  6. This sounds like a great Halloween romance. A good balance between romance and spooky without being scary or anything. Great review, you've got me interested to read.

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