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Monday, September 18, 2017

monday musings…

20170917_093153I’m still getting my bearings after Irma passed through last week. We did fine other than losing a few tree limbs but the week of preparation then a week of putting everything back was draining lol No complaints though! We were really lucky!

If you recall my last post, I said I made it through my ARC pile and was turning my focus to the physical TBR pile. While I didn’t get much reading done last week – I managed to get four books in this weekend.

Waiting for Spring was my first manga about a shy girl who befriends the very popular basketball team. Cute – a little young for me but a good way to learn to read *backwards* and get used to the panels.

All in Pieces by Suzanne Young left me alternately between tears and stabby. I have a, slightly ranty, review for that one coming up Wednesday.

All the Liars by Charlaine Harris is the 9th book int he Aurora Teargarden series and it was a DNF. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Harris went on to describe Aurora’s bathroom habits…this was so tedious and boring – filled with unnecessary filler.

Summer Days and Summer Nights anthology – I’m reading this one now and we’ll see. Anthologies are always 50/50 but it does have some of my favorite authors and was put together by Stephanie Perkins.

Let’s get random!

So, this has nothing to do with books, but I noticed this weird thing about Fonzi lately. He won’t use the dog beds but he does sleep right next to them. I don’t know why, but I find this fascinating. Is it just me? Probably. lol

20170422_110547 20170913_211831
20170913_081353 20170914_191507

Indy on the other hand is almost twice Fonzi’s size and jams himself into the cat bed. lol


Not to be ignored – this is how Figment spent Irma….


He LOVED it! We spent the night in the living room so we could be closer to the space we chose to go if there was a tornado. He had mom, dad, and several blankets and pillows everywhere. He was in kitty heaven. Didn’t even move for 12 hours.

Have a laugh at Fonzi’s expense…

I meant to do an end of summer post this past week but…Irma. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen it but it’s so damn funny.

Don’t worry – he didn’t get hurt and was up and running (and falling in again) right away.

(I know there's a pic under the video but I'm having problems removing it so...sorry and just ignore it)


  1. And here I though you only had one weird pet ;D (that would be Figment).

    Loooking forward to that rant LOL.

    1. Fonzi is definitely a weirdo. but more of an adorable weirdo whereas Figment is a cranky, demanding weirdo lol

      I may be overselling the rant. It's not SUPER ranty but more than I've ranting in a long time :-)

    2. You're like a pet profiler LOL.

      Ah, yes, I saw. Then again, you usually come across as a nice I suppose that's your version of a rant! ;)

  2. Hee, hee I shouldn't laugh at that video but I did. My giant golden retriever used to walk across the shallow end of the pool on his two back legs like a person and never learned to swim. I wish I had taken video!

    1. I've seen over a dozen times and I still laugh. I even laughed when he did it. lol

      That is awesome! I wish there was a video too!

  3. Yay the pets :D
    And wohoo for going through some books

    1. Yassss! But then I got a box of 8 more today :-(((( I'll never win lol

  4. <3! You know I loves the pet posts! I had a pit who loved the kitty cup. He was 60 lbs and did his best to fit. He actually fit better than I thought but not really. LOL

    Loved the vid. Now go give Fonzi a cookie for laughing at him (and one from me since I did the same).

  5. Replies
    1. Me too! There's Maria now but it looks like she's staying away from the coast.

  6. That's funny. My dog does the same thing sometimes. He'll lay his head on the dog bead while laying on the floor or lay on the floor right next to his bed. Goofy animals.

  7. Oh my, Figment is too cute! That's funny about Fonzi not sleeping IN the dog beds. Maybe he just likes the cocooned feeling of having it right next to him? It's cute though!! :)

    I'm glad that Irma didn't affect you too much, but it's still rough to deal with, I'm sure.

    I still need to read the summer anthology by Stephanie Perkins. I enjoyed the winter one.


    1. You're probably right - he pushes the bed out of the way and then snuggles up behind it. A dog version of a fort lol

  8. All in Pieces is on my shelf and have heard god things so want to see your review now. Aww how cute is your pup sleeping next to his bed!!

  9. They are so funny with how they sleep. I've had kitties and pups that sleep right next to their beds, too. Whatever makes them happy, right? lol