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Friday, March 31, 2017

friday fast 5


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I have no idea why I didn’t see this when it was in theaters. I’m kicking myself now because was so visually stunning. It would have been beautiful on the big screen.

Moana was such a fun movie with a wonderful, brave and kind heroine. LOVED it!


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(I’m listening on Spotify which isn’t listed as one of the links above)

“Jason Weiser tells stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was a dangerous and wonderful place.”

~ Kevin was listening to this and I joined in – it’s a lot of fun and has some surprising revelations for stories that you thought you knew – but don’t – like the truth behind the Disney takes on Alladin, Mulan and more…

Each episode also ends with an introduction to a mythological creature


Off Beat YA discussion post

My blogger buddy, Roberta, reviews mostly indie/small press YA and wrote an interesting discussion post wondering how a book gets hyped and how to get hype going for smaller. lesser known titles:

“1.. how do certain books get hype while other (often better) ones don’t? and
2. how do certain bloggers get a respectable – if not massive – follower count, and thus can work at getting books hyped?”

Go forth and chime in with your thoughts and words of wisdom

A momma Carolina Wren decided to use my door wreath to set up her little nest and now we have babies!

Kind of ugly but cute, spikey haired, punk rock, alien babies lol I don’t know if the other two hatched yet and I don’t want to disturb mom.


The Demon Prince (Ars Numina #2) by Ann Aguirre is out! ~ Goodreads


I beta read this book and I don’t really feel comfortable writing reviews for books when I do that but I do love this series and wanted to give a shout out!

32177538The hero, a Prince, is SUPER sweet & strong, struggling with a chronic illness with and has a brother bent on killing him and the heroine is a badass Dr. who fights for her man. Great world building and steamy (I do mean STEAMY – threesome) sex.

And The leopard King (Ars Numina #1) (which I also beta read and loved) was nominated for 2 Romance Writers of America RITA awards: Paranormal Worldbuilding & Best Paranormal. Congrats to Ann!!!!!

Let me know what you're watching/reading/listening to!


  1. I watched Moana too :D It was good

  2. Oh my gosh. Babies. Yes, so ugly they're cute. lol It'll be fun watching them grow up :)

    1. I can hear them chirping their little hearts out on my door every few hours to be fed lol

  3. *sends big hug*
    Love the punk rock alien birds LOL.

  4. I am so happy you saw Moana. I cry every time.

    And that bird is funky looking. I didn't know birds could look like that. Haha.

    1. They're just a day old there. They'll look more normal in a week or so whent hey get their feathers in.

  5. The babies are cute... hehe.. you really got a gift here.. they were sent by God! Haha oh so cute.
    I want to read indie books more especially the ones from smaller press, but I don't know how to choose. I get a lot of requests. I'm afraid I don't have the time to read each one of them. Do you have any tips for me?

    1. She built a nest last year too and I forgot to take down the wreath this season. We can't use the front door for about a month lol

      This isn't specific to indie authors but I wrote a post about how I handle review requests in general here:

      I treat indie authors the same as any other. I look up the book/reviews and see if I want to read it. With one exception - I do try to get a feel for how they respond to honest/negative reviews. I check their twitter feed and Goodreads page to see if they've been rude to reviewers.

      That's not to say traditionally pub'd authors don't react poorly to negative reviews but they usually have a network to vent to and pull back before attacking a reviewer.

  6. Aw, that's kind of cute a bird used your nest! haha It happens!

    Yes, I loved Moana and I thought the music was great too.


  7. Haven't watched Moana yet, but hope to at some point. I am very interested in that podcast!

  8. I needed a pick me up yesterday and watched Sing - it was pretty cute!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  9. I've been wanting to learn more about the myths behind creatures and stories and stuff but haven't really known where to start, so that podcast sounds awesome! I'm going to have to check that out. I'm also going to check out that discussion since I also review mostly self/indie pub books and it makes me sad that so many amazing books get so little attention. Gotta be honest though, I have no idea what I'm looking at in that nest picture, haha.

    A paranormal with a hero who has a chronic illness? Is it a real chronic illness?

    1. I hope you give the podcast a try. It's a lot of fun! I didn't really know much about myths until I started listening.

      The birds don't look like much yet. They were only a few hours old there. They're just blobs at this point lol

  10. oh these are fantastic!! Interesting looking baby birds...not what they show in the movies hehe I haven't seen Moana yet either, but now I know I need to go get it.

    1. This is definitely the ugly phase lol

      Moana was soooo good.

  11. I haven't yet seen Moana either. I kept trying to convince my daughter she wanted to see it, but she kept fighting me .I wish now I'd gone alone. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it! The Myths and Legends podcast sounds fascinating! The photo of the baby wrens is melt worthy. So adorable! I hope you have a great week, Karen!

    1. I can't remember why we didn't go at the time but man I wish we did. Would have been so pretty on the big screen! But still well worth watching at home.

  12. I absolutely loved Moana. One of the better movies I've seen lately with my daughter. I love the message it sends to girls. I may have cried a few times while watching it. ;)

    I would love to know how a hyped book comes to be. I usually try to stay away from as many of them as I can, because they tend to disappoint me. I don't know if it's certain readers with major followings that give a book the momentum it needs. Some books are definitely marketed a lot differently than others, and it seems like a lot of more deserving books don't get the attention it should.

  13. I loved Moana too. The songs and overall no romance and fun and traveling. #Thankyou #shiny I loved her little speech that she said all the time

  14. Aw baby chicks! We've had some barn swallows use the front door and we carefully avoided it until they flew away (the things we do!) How cute to have them where you can see them.

    I still need to see Moana! I know I'll love it!