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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

review: round midnight: a fly me to the moon holiday set by emma barry & genevieve turner

32683206A Midnight Clear
Annapolis, Maryland, 1948

Frances Dumfries is the perfect admiral's daughter. She runs the household, hosts the parties, and never falls for the midshipmen surrounding her. Having fun or putting herself first is definitely not on her schedule. And she doesn't want anyone-particularly not a man too handsome and kind for his own good-to point that out.

Midshipman Joe Reynolds sympathizes: Ever since he tumbled headlong into love with Frances, life hasn't been much fun. With only so much time until he ships out from the Naval Academy, he's racing the clock, and her refusal to give him a second look, to secure her affection. But this sailor isn't surrendering in the campaign to win her heart.

Torn between duty and selfishness, it will take a Christmas miracle to show Frances and Joe that love is rare, precious... and worth fighting for.

A Midnight Kiss
Huntsville, Alabama, 1950

New Year's Eve is a night for old friends, new hopes, and champagne dreams-and Betty Parrish intends to take full advantage. But when her long-term beau makes one too many arrogant comments, she throws him out. After all, who needs men?

Greg Henkins's New Year's plans involve tools and engines, not dances and debutantes. But when the vivacious Betty runs into him, his night ends up head over heels. After all, who could resist a midnight kiss?

Greg and Betty are intoxicated by what they share at midnight, but will their budding relationship wilt in the sober light of morning?

~ Goodreads

Source: e-arc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review


If you are feeling like 2016 is a giant dumpster fire and you are falling into a pit of despair then get this book. If you haven’t read the series yet – snap up this book and the entire series, grab a cup of tea and some chocolate – curl up and read. You’ll feel better. Promise.

The Fly Me to the Moon series (currently at 4 full length novels, plus this set of two novellas from the Fly Me to the Moon world) is the cure for all that ails you.

A Midnight Clear is a previously published novella and the perfect place to start with this series and has a bit of a Christmasy setting but is not a holiday story and A Midnight Kiss is a wonderful little story set against the backdrop of a New Years Eve party.

I read a lot of romance and a lot of hot, sexy as hell books but very few give me that *butterflies in my stomach* feeling when two people just look at each other for the first time or share their first kiss. This series does. It’s romantic and swoony!  It has an old school - by gone era feel with whip smart characters working for social change and leading the charge in America’s Space race.

I highly recommend this entire series – fun, smart, original setting and ROMANTIC!

* Series Goodreads link


  1. Oh these sound so good! Adding them to my wishlist :D

  2. I'll be sure to check it out when I'm feeling... romancey lol

  3. Thanks for sharing! I think we all need a book like this nowadays.

  4. oh I gotta grab this one up. I definitely love a romance that gives you the butterflies!!!

  5. How can you read my mind so well, Karen? I've been in a terrible book slump and writing slump so I've been needing a good read to get me out of it! Hopefully this one is it! <3 I need some good romance to sla me in the face and wake me up so I can get back to LIFE gain... Thanks for this awesome review! <3

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