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Monday, December 14, 2015

Review: A Midnight Clear (Fly Me To the Moon #2) by Emma Barry and Genevieve Turner

MidnightClearTestText5Annapolis, Maryland, 1948

Frances Dumfries is the perfect admiral’s daughter. She runs the household, hosts the parties, and never falls for the midshipmen surrounding her. Having fun or putting herself first is definitely not on her schedule. And she doesn’t want anyone—particularly not a man too handsome and kind for his own good—to point that out.

Midshipman Joe Reynolds sympathizes: ever since he tumbled headlong into love with Frances, life hasn’t been much fun. With only so much time until he ships out from the Naval Academy, he’s racing the clock, and her refusal to give him a second look, to secure her affection. But this sailor isn’t surrendering in the campaign to win her heart.

Torn between duty and selfishness, it will take a Christmas miracle to show Frances and Joe that love is rare, precious… and worth fighting for. ~

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The Fly Me To the Moon series has been one of my favorite series/author discoveries of 2015. The first book, Star Dust, blew me away with that old school romantic feel in a setting,1960’s era space program, that was completely original and one that lends all kinds of interesting conflict.

Frances and Joe were supporting characters in Star Dust but this is their *how we met* novella and it’s just so…so…romantic.

Frances is the daughter of an Admiral and there is no shortage of midshipman trying to woo her to further their naval career. She’s also taken on all the duties of an Admiral’s wife after her mother’s death. She doesn’t want anything to do with Joe when he first starts popping up in her life.

But Joe is persistent! What a sweetie. He knows that Frances doesn’t do anything for herself and tries to give her a piece of happiness, even if that might mean he doesn’t get the girl in the end. He’s selfless, over the moon in love and very, very good at wooing the girl. He had me swooning with his thoughtful gifts and declarations of love.

This one is a freebie! (Kindle) It’s novella length and set in 40’s Annapolis, so it predates the first book by 14 years but it’s a good way to sample the series and writing and stands alone.


  1. Freebie? Will take a look ;) It's not like I am addicted to freebies

  2. Hey don't make men like Joe
    In real life anymore. There's just thugs everywhere! I think this will make me swoon too!

  3. I'm always intrigued by these dual author written novels as I always wonder just how they worked it.

    Sounds like a good read, perfect when your not wanting anything too involved I would have thought.

  4. Oh I have been in the mood for a truly romantic one lately. Gonna give it a go :)

  5. Oh this sounds so good and I totally love that price point. Got it! :D Loving the sound of Joe!!

  6. I just learned a new word today...midship. Clearly I know all about the navy!

    This one sounds short and sweet - that's why I love romance novellas!