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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6 Year Blogoversary celebration Guest Post - Amy Jo Cousins & giveaway!

It’s my 6 year Blogoversary on December 15th! Woo-hoo!

I’ve asked 6 of my favorite authors to stop by this month and share 5 book-ish things.

My first guest is an auto buy author for me - Amy Jo Cousins. I adore her writing of course. It’s smart and sexy with a heaping dose of humor, but it’s her generosity in supporting other authors and readers that puts her on my favorites list.

Every time I've asked her for recommendations on twitter, from any genre, she’s had several rec’s within minutes!
I love authors who are are also reading fangirls!

I just adore her! So let’s get to it!

5 TV Shows I've Binge-Watched While Writing by Amy Jo Cousins


Sons of Anarchy -
Despite writing HEAs all day, sometimes I really appreciate a story that I know from the beginning is going to end tragically. The creators of SoA did a terrific job of making me hope that this Hamlet-inspired motorcycle club drama might not end with almost everyone dead, but they didn't wimp out on me. Massively violent, even as Jax Teller loses control of his plans to get the motorcycle club out of the worst of the drug and guns trade, Sons of Anarchy never failed to fascinate.


Sens8 - Sens8 is magical. I mean, it took me three or four episodes before I had any idea what was going on. This show does not make it easy on you. But the relationships between these eight people fascinate, both via the spiderweb of the plot and because of the amazing diversity of this cast. Plus, that orgy scene. Whoa. I don't want to spoil it, but the connections between these characters make for some fascinating interactions. I'm just saying. ;)


Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - I don't even really care about fashion, and I would watch this show for the clothes alone. But there are so many other reasons to watch! The adorable and super competent Dot. The communist bromance of Bert and Cec. Mr. Butler's unflappable butlering. Dr. Mac's houndstooth suits and birth control activism. Phryne's long string of lovers, and the way the show never, ever slut-shames her for them. And Jack. Sigh. Loyal, honorable, patient, sardonic Jack. The drinks he and Phryne share after solving a case are the epitome of friendship and flirtation. I love this show.


Jane the Virgin - I'm madly in love with Jane! The over-the-top telenovela subplots are balanced by incredible relationship between the three generations of strong women in Jane's family. Jane, her mom, and her abuela are an amazing family unit. Plus, I love the onscreen time given to a family whose conversation slips from Spanish to English and back again, like so many of my friends. I genuinely never can tell which way the plot is going in this series, nor which way the central love triangle is going to resolve itself. It's terrific!


The West Wing - I'm an Aaron Sorkin fangirl. At his best, the rapid-fire dialogue and starry-eyed idealism keep me on my toes and give me hope. Plus, the actors in this cast arebrilliant. I've been watching two episodes every Thursday night with #westwingclub for over a year now, and I'll be sad as hell when we're done. But I'll wear my Bartlet for President T-shirt forever.


Amy Jo Cousins writes contemporary romance and erotica about smart people finding their own best kind of smexy. She lives in Chicago with her son, where she tweets too much, sometimes runs really far, and waits for the Cubs to win the World Series.

Find Amy Jo: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest


bend or break covers - 5bks

Thanks Amy Jo! Im totally with you on Sense8!

My absolute favorite book by Amy Jo is Off Campus (my review) from her wonderful Bend or Break NA series. It’s sexy as hell, absolutely hilarious yet still manages to portray the aftermath of sexual assault in one of the most authentic ways that I’ve ever read. I've actually read this one a few times - a rarity for me these days.

Her latest release, Real World, revisits Tom and Reece, the couple from Off Campus (with cameos from other couples), five years later and such a wonderful treat for fans.

Want to give Amy Jo Cousins writing a try? Check out these freebies:  Five Dates (my first read by her & still a favorite), Full Exposure - both M/M.



To celebrate my 6 year Blogoversary - I'm giving away a bag of goodies. Just enter below or on any of the 6 author guest post throughout the month of December. (It will be the same rafflecopter form so you only need to enter once)

Sorry US only - I will have an international book giveaway starting tomorrow!


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  1. Replies
    1. I've been doing a rewatch of the whole series with some Twitter friends for over a long time now and we're coming up on the end, so I'm starting to miss it again already! :)

  2. The West Wing! I'm always happy when someone else is watching it now I decided to rewatch it this year and I'm loving that it holds up perfectly, I'm liking it even more than before :)

    1. I have never seen it! O_o

      Amy Jo did a fun tweet watch of the series this year. I followed the thread and feel like I've watched it lol

    2. I can't believe we're coming up on the end of the series rewatch already! I'm going to be sad all over again. :) But it's such a smartly written show, I'm sure I'll watch it again in the future!

  3. Yet to be able to view Sens8 or Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries here in the UK, of the other series shared by May Jo whilst I have seen The West Wing and Sons Of Anarchy I can't say either particularly captured my imagination. As for Jane The Virgin? Billed here as being for fans of Ugly Betty as I wasn't a fan of that I didn't bother with Jane The Virgin.

    1. Jane is kind of like Ugly Betty. I've only seen a few episodes of each though.

      I do love Sense8. It's weird and twisty.

  4. I've never watched any of these shows, although I've heard great things about Sons of Anarchy. Happy 6th Blogoversary!!

    1. I only made it through 3-4 seasons of SoA. I loved the first 2 seasons.

  5. Authors are my rock stars because they get it! They write these amazingly insightful books that make you feel like you aren't alone! I love Sons but I have yet to actually finish the series!

  6. Oh I love me some Sens8! That was such a wickedly twisty show :)

  7. Where can I get those "yes, I'm actually reading" bookmarks?

  8. I've been reading such great reviews for Sens8. Gotta get it on DVD :) I love authors b/c I love to read! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Heck yeah, Miss Fisher is a favorite too and I want to steal her wardrobe for sure! Also, Jane The Virgin is so addictive, it's an American telenovela!

  10. Authors are my rock stars, because I'm their groupie, and fan girl. I love my music, but I love to read!

  11. Oh gosh, I love this author. Seriously. I still need to read Off Campus...but I loved Real World (I sometimes read things backwards; it's all good haha) and the others I've read by her! Thanks for the fun interview. Congrats on six years!

    1. P.S. authors are my rock stars because they create wonderful stories from nothing! I would LOVE to be published someday and be able to join those ranks.

  12. Authors are my rock stars because they have the ability to put thoughts and ideas on paper in such a way that others not only understand them but also relate to them.

  13. OMG The West Wing!! Best TV show ever!!! I need to check her out just b/c of that!!

    1. And authors are my rock stars because of all the imagination and hard work it takes to share their dreams with us!

  14. Authors are Rock Stars since they are creative and talented and provide me with wonderful hours and days of entertainment and enjoyment. Ever since I was very young reading was my favorite pleasure and it still is so much so that I am an avid reader and rarely watch TV. The books transport me to another place, era, and realm and I love the beauty and emotions of novels. thanks for this great giveaway and congratulations on your blogiversary. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. Happy almost Blogiversary!! Woots! I've binged on SOA during blogging. I have two of the others on my list just gotta get my hands on them :)

  16. Happy Blogoversary! I loved West Wing too, I want to be able to write like Aaron Sorkin when I grow up!
    I think authors are rock stars because they allow us to escape into worlds beyond our imaginings.
    Thanks for the giveaway!