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Friday, October 2, 2015

Speed Date: The Chaos Station series by Jenn Burke, Kelly Jensen


The Chaos Station series (will be a total of 5 books – 3 published so far) is an exciting blend of romance (m/m) and adventure with an excellent cast of characters. Each book digs a little deeper and is better than the last.

1st date: Chaos Station (Chaos Station #1) ~ Goodreads (purchased)

We meet Fixer, a former prisoner of war, and his rag tag crew of friends from the Chaos (think Firefly). Things turn upside down when a man named Zed shows up to hire the crew to rescue a friend.

Zed – known as Zander to Fixer – is his long lost best friend and former lover that he hasn’t seen in nine long years. For Zander’s part – he thought Fixer (Flick) was dead. Devastated, he signed up for an experimental military program to become a super soldier. Only now the military cut him and his fellow soldiers loose, leaving the elite team on their own to deal with the side effects that are slowly killing them.

Oh the angst! GOOD angst! Both men are thrown for a total loop when they realize the time they’ve wasted thinking the other was gone. It takes a while to get over their fears and Zander’s health is declining at such a rapid rate that a full reconciliation is kind of off the table for now.

What makes this book work so well are the friendships. It’s not only about the romance. Great balance!

Nitpick: The nicknames: Felix, Flicker, Fixer & Zed, Zander – that was super confusing at first but makes sense as you go along.

~ Can’t wait for my next date – can we continue this date right now??!!

2nd date: Lonely Shore (Chaos Station #2) ~ Goodreads (purchased)

This is the first series I’ve binged read in a long time. Yes, at it’s core, it’s about the relationship between Zander and Felix but the crew and they way they have bonded is the best part. It’s nice to read heroes that are allowed to have platonic but meaningful relationships with other characters.

Lonely Shore amps up the despair as they rush to save Zander from the alien poison that makes him a lethal fighting machine but is also slowly driving him mad and killing him.

Super cool twist at the end that has a major impact on everything moving forward.

~ That was intense – Chaos group hug please. But I need to see you again – like right now.

3rd date: Skip Trace (Chaos Station #3) ~ Goodreads (e-arc provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review)

Wheeee! I love when a series focuses on ONE couple! It’s not as if Felix and Zander don’t still have issues. This time it’s Felix who is having a difficult time as he deals with the fallout with Zander from Lonely Shore and flashbacks to his time as a prisoner of war – something he hasn’t really dealt with yet.

After the game changing events in Lonely Shore, I thought the authors might have backed themselves into a corner and were going to use a particular plot device (sorry can’t say without spoilers) to worm their way out whenever things get difficult for Zander but noooo. The solution to Zander’s problems come with more complications and leave the crew of the Chaos open to all kinds of amazing adventures.

Current relationship status: Going steady! Romance, aliens, a crew that is loyal and flies by the seat of their pants. Love it and can’t wait for the next adventure!

* You can check out the Chaos Station website for excerpts if you want to sample first.


  1. I have found sci-fi to be fun so why not :)

    1. It's a fun series. The romance is there but the friendships are just as strong and I like the sci-fi stuff even hough it's not a genre I usually read.

  2. Feeling a bit like a gooseberry, many thanks for inviting us to join you in this speed date. This does sound like a good series if you like your sci-fi with a touch of romance.

  3. Oh gosh, all those names would confuse me too

    1. They are at first but then it all evens out and int he 3rd book they don't use all of them anymore.

  4. I love it when a book date goes so well you have 2 others right after another. :) I see you are going steady, but I might have to steal a date and find out if I can steal the steady as well... :) Happy Friday!

    1. Date thief!!!

      I haven't had a fun series to binge on in so long - it was a lot of fun.

  5. What a cute series review idea, Karen. I'm still trying to decide if I want to do a series review of a couple series I'm currently reading or review them individually. Guess it depends on my inspiration! The Chaos Station series sounds yummy. I love M/M but I haven't read much in the last year. (seriously, I think I read only one this year). I have to say the nicknames might be a tad annoying but the characters sound fun! Thanks for sharing!