For What It's Worth

Sunday, February 22, 2015

#FitReaders Check-In #5

My goals:

~ 3 days of toning (weights/resistance bands/or body weight)
~ 2 days of stretching/yoga (besides warm ups cool downs)
~ 2 –3 days cardio
~ 1 day adding something for a stubborn area – legs/butt/abs

I got totally discombobulated the past two weeks and forgot to record my workouts. Some of the workouts below are a combo of last week and this week. O_o

I guess the only thing that matters is I worked out. lol

Sunday- 4 mile walk

Monday-  30 minute kickboxing ballet body sculpt

Tuesday -  15 minute Slim Saddlebags and inner thigh

Wednesday - 30 minutes low impact cardio

Thursday - 30 minutes body sculpting

Last Friday -  rest / This Friday – 40 minute low impact cardio for legs/abs/buns

Last Saturday - 40 minute cardio walk / This Saturday – stretches to strengthen knees, 15 minute upper body strength training

Today - yoga, 1 mile walk


  1. I need to add some formal exercise, right now it is walking, walking, walking. You are doing fabulous darling!!

  2. Well, the most important things - you did it!. Great going, Karen! :)

  3. I need my classes cos else I just do not do anything

  4. yeah for doing something :) Cheers you on

  5. It happens, sometimes life eats brain cells

  6. Wow, you did a lot! I didn't really do much last week but I partially blame all the snow we got and how I couldn't really get out much.

  7. You did great! The specifics of the workouts don't matter, it's more important that you got in the exercise. Keep up the great work and have a nice week!!