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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Review: Resisting the Hero (Accidentally In Love #3) by Cindi Madsen

18053995Faith Fitzpatrick isn’t looking for a hero. Burned one too many times in the past, she’s now sworn them off completely. And when her brother’s best friend, Connor, convinces him to join the dangerous SWAT team, Faith has never been more anti-hero. What’s wrong with having a safe job? There’s nothing safe about Connor. Confident, sexy, and sporting a six-pack that should be illegal, he’s everything she doesn’t want.

When his best friend’s sister moves to town, local cop Connor Maguire knows he’s in trouble. Faith is feisty, funny, and talks trash like nobody’s business. She’s also his partner’s sister—and so totally off limits. Working on the Fall Festival together, they agree to a truce and become friends. But the more time Connor spends with Faith, the more he’s willing to risk the wrath of her brother. If he could only convince her to take a risk on him, too.

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Source: e-arc provided by Entnagled Publishing for my honest review


There are some authors that you just KNOW are going to be a slam dunk. Cindi Madsen is my go to author for swoony romance. I just fall in love with her characters and want to hang out with them.

I picked Resisting the Hero as my first read for 2014 because I was sure it would be the perfect read to kick off the year. I was right - of course!

One thing that did throw me off at first was the hero, Conner. When we first meet him, I thought he was the jerk that the real hero would rescue Faith from. He was pushy and arrogant - one thing that doesn't usually characterize Madsen's nice guy heroes. I was like uh-oh, I don't think I'm going to like this one. lol

No worries though! After that bumpy start we get to know Conner. He is a big flirt, and a bit of a ladies man, but in more of that hey - he's a good looking guy that has a healthy sex life but isn't ready to settle down yet way - not the man-whore, sleeping his way through town, asshole way. He's a REALLY good, responsible guy and has his sights set on Faith for something much more than a fling.

There are so many reasons for Faith to resist Conner. There's his playboy reputation - she's fallen for those guys before and been burned. He's best friends with her brother who is not a fan of this pairing. Then there's his career choice. He's a cop and member of the SWAT team. Faith just can't let herself choose a guy that puts himself right in the middle of danger and risk getting hurt with that type of loss again.

Resisting the Hero is super fun and flirty. The banter between Faith and Conner is off the charts steamy and fun. He shamelessly pursues her with his cheesy one liners but she is having none of it. They have an obvious attraction but they also have the beginnings of a solid friendship and relationship too. Ahhh - they made me swoon.

Despite all the fun, they have some rather big issues to overcome but this story never gets bogged down in angst. Yet the subject matters are treated respectfully and thoughtfully. Faith and Conner are good people trying to do the right thing.

Family and friends are important factors in this story as well and OMG I may have squealed with the cameos from the couples of the previous books in the Accidentally in Love series! You don't need to have read the previous books (although you should) but what a nice treat for fans!

So 2014 has gotten off to a great reading start!

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  1. I love authors that wind up on an auto-buy list because they always produce the awesome. I'm going to have to check this one out!

  2. "There are some authors that you just KNOW are going to be a slam dunk. Cindi Madsen is my go to author for swoony romance. I just fall in love with her characters and want to hang out with them." <---- I completely agree!

    I can't wait to get started on RtH!

  3. Connor does sound like he would grow on you before you get him and lvoe him

  4. Oh this one does sound like fun. Glad Connor won you over in the end. Oh YaY! to a great reading start of the year!

  5. Fun and flirty are just the things I'm in the mood for lately! Seriously, since I've been sick, I've read almost nothing but erotica and chick lit for the past couple of weeks. It's been almost all good books, though, so that's a plus! I'm glad your books so far this year have been good, too. :)