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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Desire by Design Blog Tour: Top Ten List of Favorite Music


Desire by Design

He stole her job, and now she's stealing his heart.

Eve Doucette finally almost has it all. She's free from her mistake of an ex-husband and just landed her dream job: project manager for a new City Hall and drafter of the final design. That is, until a handsome architect sweeps into town to commandeer her blueprints.

Famous architect Matt Brison is unsatisfied with his mundane life in Toronto. So when the mayor of Halifax asks him to spearhead his City Hall project, Matt jumps at the opportunity. There's just one problem: the feisty and beautiful project lead, Eve, who isn't exactly thrilled about her new "coworker" hijacking her design.

But when the sparks begin to fly, they both find themselves falling for the colleague they shouldn't want. And before they know it, their already shaky foundation might come crumbling down.

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Top Ten List of Favourite Music by Paula Altenburg:

I really don’t listen to music when I write. I have to have quiet. I do, however, like music to relax to, and here in Atlantic Canada, we have some fantastic artists. These are a few of my favorites:

1.    Ben Caplan and The Casual Smokers - Conduit
2.    Joel Plaskett - A Million Dollars
3.    Dance Theory - A.N.A.F.
4.    Jenn Grant - Eye Of The Tiger cover
5.    Jenn Grant - Dreamer
6.    Mo Kenney - Sucker
7.    Matt Mays - Loveless
8.    The Stanfields - Death and Taxes
9.    Ben Caplan and The Casual Smokers - Beautiful
10.    Carmen Townsend - Start All Over


  1. It's actually nice to hear about an author who doesn't work with music on...I can't concentrate on anything if music is playing and sometimes that makes me feel like the odd one out when I hear that authors all write to music and readers read with music playing!

    1. I know a few authors that have playlists that inspire their writing but they've told me that they don't actually listen while writing - just before and after for inspiration.

  2. Melissa, I'm really glad to year you say that, too!

    1. Thanks for the tour stop and Top 10 list Paula!

  3. I can't write with music either, unless it's very quiet, and then I tune it out anyway. Desire by Design looks like another great Bliss book.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Bliss is such a fun line. You can't really go wrong.

  4. Great blurb and LOVE the cover!

    I can't work with music either, unless it's in the far, far distance. I need silence and complete alone-ness.

    1. I have it on low in the background while I read. I barely even hear the words so I'm not sure why I bother lol

  5. I've never been able to write and listen to music either. :) Still love music though. Love the list and the blurb sounds interesting. :)

    1. I can't workout and read. (I don't write so that doesn't apply) and I can't listen to music on my headphones while reading but I like it in the background. But as I said earlier it's so low it doesn't interfere much. It's more background noise for me.

  6. Wohoo new music, must check it out

    1. It's all ne music to me so I'll be checking them out as well.

  7. If you want to check out something really East Coast Canada, try this Nova Scotian band:

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