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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bronze Gods book trailer

I first fell in love with Ann Aguirre’s writing with her brilliant romance/sci-fi Sirantha Jax series, then I was blown away by her YA dystopian Razorland Trilogy (Enclave, Outpost, Horde). I don’t think there is any genre this woman can’t write.

So I’m super excited to read the new Steampunk Noir series, Bronze Gods – co-written with her husband Andres Aguirre.

Ann and Andres just debuted the Bronze Gods book trailer yesterday along with a few giveaways for a signed copies of Bronze Gods.

Check it out then go forth and enter using the links below!

Giveaway links:

bronze-godsDanger stalks the city of steam and shadows.

Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko work all hours in the Criminal Investigation Division, keeping citizens safe. He’s a charming rogue with an uncanny sixth sense; she’s all logic—and the first female inspector. Between his instincts and her brains, they collar more criminals than any other partnership in the CID.

Then they’re assigned a potentially volatile case where one misstep could end their careers. At first, the search for a missing heiress seems straightforward, but when the girl is found murdered—her body charred to cinders—Mikani and Ritsuko’s modus operandi will be challenged as never before. Before long, it’s clear the bogeyman has stepped out of nightmares to stalk gaslit streets, and it’s up to them to hunt him down. There’s a madman on the loose, weaving blood and magic in an intricate, lethal ritual that could mean the end of everything…

~ Expected publication date: April 30th, 2013 by Ace 
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  1. I haven't read any Aguirre yet, but this sounds like a really promising series!! And how cool that she's writing with her hubby!

  2. Yaaay! The trailer looks so great, right? And it reflects the story perfectly, I think. I love it.
    I can't wait for you to read this so we can have a Twitter gushing party.

  3. I still need to read Siranthan Janx--but this one looks awesome! I love the idea of steampunk noir, that definitely sounds intriguing. Thanks for the trailer too. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden