For What It's Worth

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Follow on Bloglovin

Hey all!

Just ignore me - I'm posting this to claim my blog on Bloglovin. I tried to resist but it seems to be what all the cool kids are doing so I must assimilate.


  1. Well, now that you have done it I really feel the urge to join in as well. So far I have held out since the last big scare over GFC didn't hit me at all. So I was thinking maybe this one was just like the last. But maybe I should take this one more seriously.

  2. I went ahead and did the same...Better safe than sorry

    1. This stuff makes me want to pull my hair out. How many ways do I have to ask people to follow me? lol

      I think the death of GFC is coming though so...

    2. I don't me it sounds like one person or two started this wave of panic about GFC only because of G Reader dying next July, and everyone just started running scared and packing their things, so to speak. To date, I haven't be able to find any proof of GFC dying as well. Anyway, I may consider joining another blog aggregator (?), but I'm a bit uneasy right now. I found an old article (2011) and who knows if the issue is still the same?

    3. I rarely jump in when people move to these things. For example I have Feedburner but I never check it so I have no idea how many people follow me through that. I have still not joined Pinterest or instagram.

      But I do feel that people in general are moving away from GFC as a follow option (it's still my favorite because it's easy, I don't look through RSS feeds and don't want 100's of email subscriptions). And I do think at some point that GFC button will go away. I just don't' know when.

      It's hard to decide how many options to offer and when everyone is picking something different it gets crazy. I tried feedly and I really like it. The problem I have with bloglovin is that I'm not sure why I have to *claim my blog* Huh??? Shouldn't we just be able to subscribe to blogs without making a big thing of it?

      I guess I joined in because I want it to be easy for people to follow whatever they choose but the options are making me crazy.

      P.S. This will be an upcoming BBC topic

    4. I'm looking forward to it! Maybe someone will be able to enlighten me a little.

    5. It won't be me! I am NOT enlightened when it comes to any of this. It drives me nuts lol

  3. Oh gosh, I did not know about gfc drama!! will it be phased out? I am so out of the loop. i have a bloglovin account, and I followed you with it. But I have never advertised bloglovin as a way to follow me, in fact i think i only have my vintage blog on there. oh geez....what to do, what to do...