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Friday, July 20, 2012

TEAM KILT: Get ready for the YA Crush Tourney: Round two!!


Starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on Wednesday July 25th voting begins for the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney – Will Herondale vs. Zachary Moore.

This is going to be our biggest challenge yet but WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS. How do I know?? Because….

Amy & Jen who are advocating the Fictitious Delicious Zachary Moore have all kinds of things planned for this round. Check out their Round 2 tourney post and giveaway right here!

You’ll find out about Jen’s voting theory of the power of 10, how YOU can join Team Kilt, make a wish on the very special SHINE Wishing Tree, stalk Pinterest & grab yourself some sexy, funny, creative avi’s so we have a stream of #TeamKilt on Wednesday and enter that previously mentioned giveaway.

TEAM KILT GIVEAWAY BLOG HOP! If you have a blog and want to host a SHADE series themed giveaway to help keep people voting for Zachary (It can be anything from books to swag, Scottish themed movies etc…..get creative!) then have a post ready to go for Tuesday July 24th. I’ll be posting a linky for the hop here on this blog Tuesday afternoon. All giveaways should run for the duration of the Zach’s match.

If you are giving away any books from the SHADE series during this hop Jeri has offered to send signed bookplates to your winners – US or International.

If you don’t have a blog or would rather add your giveaway to the Incentive Pool (where different prizes are given at certain vote increments) send me an email (fwiw.kea AT GMAIL DOT COM)

Don't want to/can't host a giveaway? No problem. Just vote for Zachary at the YA Sisterhood starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on Wednesday July 25th then go enter all the fun giveaways! And MOST importantly - spread the word to keep those votes coming!!

Help us get out the vote anyway you can on Wednesday! We will need EVERY. SINGLE. MEMBER. of Team Kilt for this one!!!

Team Kilt Charity for Round 2! Team Kilt always chooses a charity to donate to during the tourney.


For round two our official charity will be Greyhound Welfare Inc. in memory of Meadow. You can read Jeri’s post “A Very Sad Note” to understand why Team Kilt chose this charity. Meadow was our unofficial Team Kilt mascot and and a very special dog.

For the latest Team Kilt news follow:
Jeri Smith-Ready – Blog | Twitter
Fictitious Delicious – Blog  | Twitter
Logan Keeley – Twitter
Zachary Moore – Twitter
Martin Connelly – Twitter
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  1. A giveaway hop is such a good idea. I was thinking as I live in Scotland, I could give away some genuine Scottish sweets. I'm off to plan it now!!!