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Monday, April 30, 2012

Guest Post with Sebastain, Aspen & Nyrae from What A Boy Wants!

Today I’m stepping out of the way to let Nyrae Dawn, author of the wonderful debut YA novel - What A Boy Wants, her characters Sebastian (AKA: the Hook-up Doctor) & his lady love Aspen have a chat. 

I’m wondering how well Aspen & Nyrae hold up during this conversation with the irrepressible Sebastian. lol

To find out more about What A Boy Wants, read my review here.

*Sebastian plops down in a chair and rubs his hands together*
Sebastian: “Let’s get this thing started! This is going to kick ass. I’m stoked to share my expertise.”

*Aspen elbows him*
Aspen: “Geez, Bastian! Rude, much? Thanks for chatting with us, Nyrae. We appreciate it… and as you can tell, we have a few things to sort through.”

*Aspen eyes Sebastian*

*Sebastian holds up his hands*

S: “What did I do?”

A: “How much time do we have for me to tell you?”

Nyrae: “Okay, you two. Break it up. We’re here to talk about the advice Sebastian used to give as The Hook-up Doctor.”

S: “Awesome, wasn’t it?”

A: “You think it was so awesome. Seriously, Sebastian. You thought you knew a lot more than you really did. Do you remember what happened toward the end of the book?”

*Sebastian crosses his arms*
A: “You’re pouting”

S: “Only real men can pout without losing their masculinity, remember?”

A: “Don’t worry. We all know you’re the man, Bastian.”

S: “Is that sarcasm, I hear?”

A: “Never.”

N: “Okay, we’re getting off track here guys.”

S: “Oh yeah. We were talking about The Hook-up Doctor. Okay… I can admit things might have gone a little crazy there, but I fully stick by my advice. My record speaks for itself.”

A: “Okay, what about the ‘pretend you’re not interested in him and he’ll coming running thing’? I mean, that can get pretty exhausting after a while. You’re supposed to spend how long pretending you don’t care?”

S: “You’re taking it out of context, Woodstock. Remember at first you’re supposed to pay attention to him and then pull back. Who doesn’t miss something when it’s gone? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, once you giveth, if you taketh away, we totally want it again. That’s kick ass advice if you ask me.”

A: “Maybe… I guess, I can kind of get it, but again, you can’t do that forever.”

S: “You’re not supposed to. It’s just to get their attention. Listen, I’m man enough to admit we don’t get it half the time. That’s not to say part of the problem isn’t because girls aren’t confusing, but that’s another topic. I’m taking one for the team here and all, but look at me, for example. I’ve gone out with a lot of girls—I mean a lot of girls and—”

A: “Hold up. I have to stop you right there. We have to get something straight. You were not the player you think you were, big guy.”

S: “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that.”

A: “I’m serious! I’m not saying you’re an angel, because, hello? Anyone who’s read the book or talks to you for two seconds knows that’s about as far from the truth as you can get, but underneath it all, you are and always have been a softie.”

*Aspen gives him a big smile*

*Sebastian frowns*
S: “No guy wants to be known as a softie, Woodstock. You pretty much just have me free reign on at least five obnoxious things to earn my manhood back. And I definitely know how to play the game, when I want to. I just don’t want to anymore.”

*Sebastian looks satisfied with himself*
A: “What would you do if a guy hurt me or Pris?”

S: “Kick their ass.”

A: “Who’s the most important person in the world to you?”

S: “I totally know what you’re doing here and it’s not going to work.”

A: “I’m not above bribery, Bastian. Remember that.”

S: “Are we talking the kind of bribery I’m going to like here?”

A: “Maybe”

S: “Arg… You had to go and play dirty, didn’t you?”

A: “I learned from the best.”

S: “HA! You just admitted—”

A: “I take it back! Now stop stalling and answer the question.”

*Sebastian looks around like he’s making sure no one else is in the room*S: “My mom,” comes out behind a fake sneeze.

A: “And?”

S: “And you… Jaden… Pris. That’s different though. I mean, Jaden’s my boy. He always has my back just like I’ll always have his. It’s like a code of honor or some shit. And you and Pris? I mean, we’re a group or whatever. That’s what people do. They’re there for the people who matter. There are way too many fake people out there to not be down with the ones who are real.”

*Aspen’s turn for a satisfied smile*

*Sebastian groans*

S: “Not cool, Woodstock. Thou shall not hustle your boyfriends, or whatever. I’m pretty sure that’s a rule.”

A: “See? A softie… but that’s not a bad thing, ya know? I mean… guys with a big heart? Even one buried deep, deep under all that bravado? Totally hot.”

S: “And sexy… You called me soft. I’m thinking that deserves a sexy too.”

A: “Yes Sebastian.”

S: “And cool… not to mention it entitles them to get their way at least 95% of the time.”
*Nyrae looks at Aspen*

N: “Is he always like this?”

A: “Always.”

S: “What do you mean? I’m the one who just got played here. I thought we were doing this whole chat thing to talk about my skills as the Hook-up Doctor?”

A: “Oops! What do you know? We’re out of time.”

S: “Not cool, ladies. Not cool.”

N: “I have one last question before, you guys go. You had a pretty good life before the book took place. The girls, your Hook-up Doctor job… If you could go back to how it was then, or keep things the way they are now, which would you choose?”

S: “Oh, man. You’re seriously trying to embarrass me, aren’t you?”

N: “Maybe.”

S: “Things were cool then, but they’re nothing like they are now. I mean, have you seen my girl? Did you hear how she just played me? I might pull a few bonehead moves, but I’m definitely not stupid. I know a good thing when I have it.”

N: “I think I have to agree with Aspen. You have a big heart in there, Sebastian Hawkins.”

S: “Just don’t tell anyone… this stays between the three of us, right?”

N: “Absolutely.”

Karen: Thanks for stopping by Nyrae, Aspen & Sebastian! I think you girls managed to hold your own (perhaps gang up on) Bastian. I have to agree with them. Despite all your swagger, you have a big heart. <3

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    This basically solidified all the reasons I loved this book. Thanks for a fun post!

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