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Saturday, March 17, 2012

AAD Author Spotlight - Boone Brux

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Please join me in welcoming Boone Brux, author of the Bringer and the Bane series, to For What It’s Worth as part of my AAD Author Spotlight series.

Shield of Fire (Bringer and the Bane, Book #1)
Protecting humans is the Bringers’ duty. Sending demons to the Shadow World is their pleasure.
In one night, Ravyn’s life plunges from barely tolerable to deadly. Forced to flee the only home she’s known, she stumbles headlong into the clutches of Icarus, a powerful demon intent on stealing her powers. Unfortunately for him, she has no intention of cooperating.
When Rhys realizes the woman he’s rescued from the Bane Demon is no mere human, his obligation as a Bringer dictates he protect and train her in the ways of his people. But he’s unprepared for the intense desire he feels for the fiery Ravyn. To surrender to his need may mean her death.
As the Demon King’s desire for ultimate power escalates, fathers are slated against sons, and foes are made allies. The Bane threat upon them, Rhys and Ravyn must quest to unite the last of the Bringers—and explore a passion too powerful to ignore. ~ goodreads | Amazon | Barnes and Noble 

Karen: Describe yourself Twitter style - 140 characters. (feel free to use Twitlonger :-) )
Boone: Warm-blooded, funny, easily distracted, coffee addict, beer drinker, loyal, believes she’s still 25, loves elastic waistbands, meant to live in the tropics

K: Use the same format to describe your writing or your latest book.
B: Medieval epic fantasy, yummy heroes, nasty demons, kickass heroines, plot twists, never know who’s good or bad, rich world, magic

K: Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you follow before writing?
B: No, I try to make rituals, but life never cooperates. If anything, I’d have to say that having a clean office is my ritual. I can’t concentrate in clutter and chaos. The only other superstition is to try and not complain about editing and issues that revolve around my world of writing. I’m afraid if I grumble over edits or having too much to do, it may all end. So I don’t complain about getting exactly what I asked for.

Karen: “So I don’t complain about getting exactly what I asked for.” I really like that philosophy Boone. It’s a good rule to live by that we often forget.

K: Do you have a favorite snack that you need to have around?
B: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. It sustains me through the morning and forces me to get off my big butt to pee or fill up my cup. You know when they say, “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” I would. If I could, I’d marry coffee. All of it. I’d be a coffee polygamist.

K: What are you most looking forward to at AAD in August?
B: I can honestly say that I’m looking most forward to interacting with readers. I haven’t had much of a chance yet. Whenever I think about mingling at AAD, I get a little giddy. The same thing happens when my husband makes margaritas.

K: Is there a book you've recently read that you would tell everyone to go out and buy right NOW!

B: I love humorous books, so anything that makes me laugh is a must read. I just reread Christopher Moore’s Fool. It’s about a court fool named Pocket and is a parody of King Lear. I was skeptical at first, because making King Lear funny seemed impossible, but it didn’t disappoint. Moore’s Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal, is also an excellent read.

Karen: Thanks for stopping by today Boone and I’m looking forward the reader/author interaction at AAD too. See you there!

Bio: Boone has lived in the beautiful state of Alaska for nearly two decades. She
spent many of those years in the bush, where the internet and flush toilets
were a luxury. Boone’s motto? “Have laptop, will travel.” It’s not uncommon
to see her pounding away at her computer during camping trips, fishing expeditions, or in their family plane as they fly over the open tundra.

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Kiss of the Betrayer (Bringer and the Bane series, Book #2) – Available October, 2012 from Entangled Publishing.


  1. Coffee, huh? Now I know what to bribe you with when I need something :)
    Great interview! And I can't wait for Kiss of the Betrayer!