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Friday, December 9, 2011

Hug an Author Blog Hop! Part 2

Lynn from Bringing the Epic, Jen from What's On the Bookshelf and Marissa from And Many to Read Before I Sleep, have organized this fantastic blog hop to celebrate authors! Don't forget to check out their blogs for great interviews with your favorite authors and bloggers all week.

My first Hug an author post is here:

Today I'm answering the question:

Which author wrote the character you would want as your best friend? I have two answers for this question. (I have two!)

Deuce from Enclave by Ann Aguirre. I love that character so much. There are a lot of kick-ass heroines that I adore but she has this vulnerability and honesty that I admire. Deuce can kick freak butt one second but be a normal girl giggling with her friend Tegan the next or figuring out how to talk to a boy. Friendships and loyalty are very important to her but so is doing the right thing. The strength of her convictions in a time where she could fall back to self preservation mode show a rare quality in a person. Deuce would be the perfect best friend whether you're trying to survive the apocalypse, navigating high school or just needing a friend to confide in.
Ciara from the WVMP Radio Vampire series by Jeri Smith-Ready. She's intelligent and snarky as hell. Loyal almost to a fault (with total disregard to her own safety) Ciara would be a blast to hang out with and she would always have my back no matter what. I'm hoping she wouldn't take offense if I'm ogling her boyfriend Shane who I adore. Scratch that - I won't ogle - Can they BOTH be my best friends?? Shane, a Vampire DJ, can provide the music while we all hang out.

What about you? Who would be your pick?


  1. I have Enclave, but havent read it yet.
    But I can say I completely agree w/you about Ciara & Shane!! I would be so bitter/jealous of Ciara for having Shane, if I didn't love her so much. Favorite characters/favorite series!

  2. I would agree with you on Enclave :) still need to meet those other characters

  3. Ciara and Shane are definitely at the top of my list!!

  4. I haven't read Enclave yet so I can't speak as to Deuce, but I totally agree with you on Ciara and Shane! I love them both so much!

  5. Ha! The WVMP Radio Vampire series comes up again, and yet again, I kick myself for not having read it.

    I'd want to be BFFs with any of Melina Marchetta's characters! They are all beautifully flawed and amazing. :)