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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hug an Author Blog Hop! Part 1

Lynn from Bringing the Epic, Jen from What's On the Bookshelf and Marissa from And Many to Read Before I Sleep, have organized this fantastic blog hop to celebrate authors! Don't forget to check out their blogs for great interviews with your favorite authors and bloggers all week.

They've included a few prompt questions to get things started.

Is there an author who brought you back/to reading? Those of you who have followed my blog for a long time can look away now - you know what's coming……Jeri Smith-Ready.

I guess strictly speaking it was the Twilight Saga that brought me back to reading, but it's Jeri's writing that has touched me the most and has had the greatest lasting impact on me.

I originally read her WVMP Radio Vampire series and fell in love with the snarky, fun writing style, then moved on to the Aspect of Crow series that absolutely blew my mind with it's awesomeness. To this day it is my favorite series ever. 
More than that though is Jeri herself. She was the first author who I wrote a fangirly, embarrassing TMI filled email to. She was amazingly kind and generous to me. Because of her response, I forged ahead and started blogging to share my love of reading. I may seem social to you guys but I'm actually painfully shy. It was a huge deal to put myself out there and I have Jeri to thank for the inspiration to do so.

The other thing she gave me through her books is a new found appreciation of music. Anyone who reads Jeri's books knows how important music is in her writing. I had always listened to music in the car but honestly I could care less what was on. Since reading the WVMP series, complete with playlists, I am now a HUGE music fan. I had attended maybe 3 concerts in my lifetime (the last one Prince in the 80's), now I probably go to three a month!

Is there an author you've met or attended their signing? I've had the opportunity to meet Jeri on several occasions and she's the real deal. What you see on Twitter and her blog is really her. She's a truly kind and generous person. It's wonderful to admire someones talent and then not be let down when you meet them in person.

The YA Sisterhood's Tournament of Heroines has kicked off and Aura, from Jeri's Shade series, is up for her first round of voting on December 14th! 
Her advocate is one of my favorite people ever.... Brooke from Brooke Reports. Go check out her post, grab some buttons and stay tuned to Jeri's blog for some pretty cool incentives in store if Aura wins her first round!

Friday I'll have another hug an author post and answer the question:
Which author wrote the character you would want as your best friend?


  1. Though I love Twilight...I don't think I could handle Bella's level of needyness on a daily she has the two hottest guys on the planet fighting over her and not me...that's not something that will encourage friendship...I think overall, Kelley Armstrong's Savannah Levine would be my best friend. We're the same age, ride motorcycles, and have been in love with an older guy since we were

  2. What a super fabulous post and you couldn't have picked a more fabulous Author. Love me some Jeri Smith-Ready!

  3. I love reading Jeri's books and love that her books do include music. Now I still need to read her other series...but yes I can get that you went fangirl for her too.

    My fave author that I enjoyed reading The Hunger Games and Katniss( the first two books) by suzanne collins

  4. i've met Patricia briggs and that was wonderful

  5. I met JSR at BEA in 2010...she handed me her card & I realized I had read her books. And yes, she was so nice!

  6. haha I knew when I read the title of this post that it was Jeri. I'm a mind reader ;)
    I haven't read her WVMP Radio Vampire series but everyone says it's really awesome, and I believe! lol And you know I loooove her Shade series. :)

    Like you said she is the real deal, I'm way too shy to talk to authors, even on twitter...but she is always really nice.

  7. Thanks for participating!!! Thanks to you and Jeri I'm a Jeri Smith-Ready fan for life. Anyone who hasn't read the Aspect of Crow series needs to RIGHT AWAY. Great post, can't wait to see who wrote the character you'd be best friends with.

  8. aaahhh and how could I forget to mention something about the music thing!!!! noo.
    That is also one of the things I love about her: She loves her music!! And I'm glad that because of her you are huge music fan of the things why I dared to talk to you on twitter: MUSIC! so, yay!! :D
    I'm a big tray of jealous because of all the concerts you attend LOL (good jealousy, of course.)

  9. Why haven't I read the WVMP series yet? You've talked about it so much, so it's high on my wishlist. Jeri sounds amazing. Glad to know she's the real deal. :)

  10. I have been on again off again with reading. There were two authors that got me started up as a teen. One was R.L. Stine and the other Charlotte Bronte. When I started reading again after the birth of my first child the author was Stephanie Meyer. Someone recommended Twilight and I took up the challenge. At first I thought they were all crazy but after that book I went on to more reading. So far I am still at it with only little stints away. I haven't met any authors yet, maybe some day.

  11. @Andra - I love Savannah. It was great getting to watch her grow up throughout the series.

    @Jen & @Ana Lucia @Kimberdee - You brought up another thing I should thank Jeri for. All the amazing people I have met because of her books and love of music!

    @miki - Oooh! Patricia Briggs!!! That must have been fun!

    @Missie - You would SO love Wicked Game and SHane would be your boyfriend of the week!

    @Ephrielle - I think Twilight was the series for so many of us!

  12. SQUEEEEE! Your one of my favorite people toooooo!! And Jeri is another one of them! I heart her tons! I promise one day...ONE DAY i WILL pick up her WVMP series.....i day.....

    Also....i'm so scared for the YA Tourney! AHHHH! HOLD MEEEE!