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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Ramblings....

Figgy - RAWR

I've Been Tagged by my friend Jen from What's On The Bookshelf. It's not a bad thing - it's a fun way to share a few things about yourself with your followers. I get to tell you 10 random things about myself and then tag 4 other people.

1. I have Starbucks Iced Coffee everyday. Every. Single. Day. I get cranky if I don't have it.

2. I love Degrassi: The Next Generation marathons on TeenNick. I can go years without watching the show but if I see a marathon, I am glued until the end.

3. I'm super shy and fairly anti-social although no one on Twitter would believe this about me.

4. I love SyFy movies. The cheesier the better.

5. I didn't really start reading until 2 years ago. Before that I only read about 6 books a year and even that was by making a New Years resolution to do so.

6. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

7. Besides reading, my favorite hobby is butterfly gardening. It's just as expensive as reading. :-(

8. I'm not very girly. I don't wear make up and hate clothes shopping. I buy 5 of whatever fits so i don't have to go again.

9. I'm short. 5' exactly

10. I'm afraid of flying.....and heights....and claustrophobic.

So there are my fascinating 10 facts. Here are the next four people I'm tagging.

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Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. mmm #1 sounds delicious, #3 really? I can't believe it LOL you are a completely different person on twitter then. Same thing with me..I'm fairly anti-social IRL don't know if I'm different on the social media.
    #8 and #9 same thing with me (altough I do like shopping but I'm not girly). Are you sure we're not related??! hahaha. =)

  2. @mbreakfield Yay for cheesy movies!!

    @Ana Lucia I'm getting better since blogging but I'm VERY shy. We may have been separated at birth. hmmmm

  3. I love Halloween as well! And Starbucks Iced Coffee every day? I could easily get used to that...I try to limit myself and make my own coffee, but it's just not as good!

    Have a great week, Karen!

  4. Degrassi rocks!! The original one! With Joey! He was my crush. haha

    Giselle at Xpresso Reads

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Yes, blogging changes lives (Or so I've heard/read.)
    Yeah, we may have and someone sent me far away from you...not happy about that arrangement ;) hehe

  7. lol that photo is priceless.
    I also love degrassi!! Ever since I was 12 actually! haha

  8. Wish I could have coffee every day but she won't let me-say it's bad for my health. Same here on the shopping.

  9. @Jillian - I have watched Degrassi since it was on PBS yeeears ago and Snake was a student instead of the principle. lol

  10. I'm super shy too. And I'm also afraid of flying. Terrified. Won't do it.