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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's time to rally Team Kilt!!

Today is the day.

This is the FINAL round of the YA Crush Tournament hosted by The YA Sisterhood.

Zachary Moore - the LAST seed - has made it to the final showdown after battling some seriously strong opponents.

Today we face Jace Wayland. No one has been able to make even a strong showing against Jace.

Today that changes.

Zachary has the BEST advocates on the block representing him in Ficticious Delicious. They have campaigned tirelessly for Zach....writing poems and making the best book trailer/video that I have ever seen. Seriously - you NEED to check this out!

So how do we defeat the mighty Shadowhunter Jace??

How do we not end up looking like this 3 hours after the tournament begins......

We band together and FIGHT!

Zachary has made it through almost insurmountable odds because we love Zachary, we love men in KILTS, and most of all we love Jeri Smith-Ready - the author who has brought these fictional characters to life. No one supports their fans like Jeri. She has been beside us every step of the way - fighting along side of us. Staying up until the wee hours giving one more teaser, one more incentive as a reward for sticking by her.

Even better Team Kilt has raised over $1200 for the Tartan Army Children's Charity!!

So here's how we fight?
  • First - grab a button. Let's make our blogs and our Twitter stream a sea of Team Kilt! I'm adding them all to my sidebar - grab the one that works for you. (Thanks to Sandy from Scribing Shadows for the Zach Attack button and my hubby for I Voted Team Kilt button!) There are even a few generic Lovin men in kilts buttons.

  • Second - make a pledge. Go to Jeri's blog and make a pledge to raise even more money for the Tartan Army Children's Charity. Voting for smexy boys is fun but helping others is even better. So why not do BOTH? (I've made a $50 pledge!)

  • Host a incentive giveaway. There will be a linky at the end of this post. If you are hosting a giveaway as an incentive for Zachary and Team Kilt, link it! 
Make it incentive based (*this* prize if Zach gets 1000 votes or if Zachary wins the whole thing) or just for fun. Your choice, but try to keep it linked to voting for Zachary please. **This is not the place to link up random contests.

My YA Crush Tournament #Team Kilt incentives!

Prize #1 - If Zachary makes it to 500 votes within a one hour I will give away your choice of a Gerard Butler DVD and a signed Shift audio CD

Prize #2 - When Zachary makes it to 1500 votes - Punk Hello Kitty - The perfect blend of Zachary (the kilt) and Logan (punk and the Keeley "K"), a signed Shade bookmark 

Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions

Prize #3 - When Zachary makes it to 3000 votes - A signed copy of Enthralled - Anthology with a short story "Bridge" told from Logan's POV and a Keeley Brothers Button


Prize # 4 - When Zachary makes it to 5000 votes - Signed copies of both Shade and Shift, and a copy of Between generously donated by author Cyndi Tefft.

Prize #5 - When Zachary makes it to 7500 votes - I'm giving you MY personal copy of the ARC of SHINE. There will only be a limited number of copies printed of the final book in the Shade Trilogy (about 20) Most of them are already promised to others. I am one of those people and I will give it to YOU ....... !

Prize #6 - When Zachary makes it to 10,000 votes - Jeri's agent, Ginger Clark, will giveaway a critique of a query letter. If a non writer wins, you'll get to choose one book from Ginger's personal collection which has many 1st editions including AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman!

Prize #7 - WHEN Zachary WINS - You will get a ONE HOUR PHONE CALL with Jeri! (on her You can ask anything you want! 

To be eligible for the above prizes - you need to VOTE for Zachary HERE! LEAVE A COMMENT in the YA Crush Tournament Jace VS Zachary post letting me know that you voted Team Zachary!  I will be choosing my winners from all of the Pro-Zachary commenters on the YA Tourney post.

International entries welcome!

I will choose a winner from there as we hit each milestone.

Not enough for you? Check out Jeri's list of AMAZEBALLS incentives on her blog

*Voting begins Wednesday 8/10 AT 8 AM CT and ends 24 hours later on Thursday 8 AM CT





Don't forget to link those giveaways Team Kilter's!!!

To everyone who votes for Zachary today - THANK YOU! This is really a herculean effort put together by an amazing group of people! Let's give them our support!

Keep up to date on all Team Kilt news and giveaways here:

Ficticious Delicious - Team Kilt Hub
Jeri Smith-Ready's Blog


  1. I voted for Zach #TeamKilt!!!
    Jace: 286
    Zachary: 224

  2. I can't believe how enthusiastic everyone is being about this tourney, it's so crazy and fun. Go Zach!!

  3. Voted For The crush worthy ZACH !!!

  4. Holy cats, Batman. A phone call with Jeri??????? Eep! I love it!


    Vote for Zach, everyone! <333 #TeamKilt


  5. Hi!
    I voted for Zach :) I hope he'll win :)

    Thanks for the giveaways,

  6. I voted!! Team Kilt all the way! Zach's falling behind, but we Team Kilt-ers are ready to vote until we see him win :)

  7. I voted 3 times so far, moving on to the next 2 computers with 2 browsers each :)

    Awesome giveaways are out there, it's amazing what happens when everyone bands together. :)

    Jess @ The Midnight Bookworm

  8. TeamKilt for the win! Did you read the teaser yet? It was AMAZING! I'm dying to read Shine. That last line was perfect!

  9. I hope ZACH wins ! Keep tweeting,facebooking ,just anything to vote for ZACH ! TEAM KILT ROCKS!

  10. Go Team Kilt! Of course I voted for Zachary! :)

  11. I will do the most ridiculous happy dance if Zach wins... Oh please win!!

  12. Voted for Zach multiple times so far today. :) I'll be rooting for Team Kilt while I work late at the library.

  13. WOW amazing giveaway, I figured out how to vote 3 times!! I voted on my iphone then on googlechrome and internet explorer from my computer! keep up the awesome work also I'm going to work on a giveaway post. I'll be back to link it! #TeamKilt

  14. I picked up Shade after seeing all your messages on twitter so I am a new Zach convert. I voted and changed my twitter badge. #Team Kilt all the way!

  15. Thanks everyone!!

    We are doing it!

    As of 4:30 pm we are 200 votes away from 5000 and we GAINED ground!!

    Not one other Team has been able to do that in the tournament so far against Jace.

    It's going to be a long night!!


    Grab strangers with cell phones, get to every computer you can find!

  16. I voted for Zach!

  17. I ended up voting 9 times, there was a glitch in my browser & my laptop let me vote twice with Firefox. (I have 3 browsers on my laptop, two on my desktop, two on my netbook, and one on my phone) :)

    Jess @ The Midnight Bookworm

  18. I haven't even read this series yet, but I always vote for the underdog! :)

    loganeturnerblog AT gmail DOT com

  19. #TeamKilt all the way!!!! 6 votes so far, trying to figure out more.

    danceislove27 At gmail DoT com

  20. *I'm not entering the giveaway*


  21. Voted for Zachary 4 times so far :)

  22. Whoa! Team Kilt fans are no joke! I love to see fans rally together.

    I just voted. So fun!

  23. THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone!!