For What It's Worth

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Ramblings.....

Google had just started their very own social networking site called Google+ - I signed up (even though I barely use FB now) so go friend me if you get a chance!

I will try to actually visit and post things - yet not get sucked into the void like I do with Twitter.

While I'm begging for friends - here are all the ways you can follow me and the blog:

Twitter (the best place to find me)

Follow the blog via email (Feedburner) using the link in the sidebar, near the top just under the search button ---->  "subscribe" - just enter your email address.

In case you don't already know, I started another blog - Bloggerverse - a blog for bloggers. I've been adding all you meme suggestions and I'll be moving on to events hopefully for the month of August (i'll be posting about that next week). So stop by and let me know what you think
Feel free to give me suggestions for what things you would like me to have on the blog.

For Bloggerverse you can contact me:

Twitter or email kea AT bloggerverse DOT net

Onto the wrap up!

Fins are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs
Rotters by Daniel Kraus

*And I forgot to mention last week that I had a guest review over at The Paperback Dolls for their Passport to Florida feature. I reviewed Marjorie K Rawlings Cross Creek. Thanks for having me Dolls!

My WoW pick

My winner for the Freedom Giveaway Hop and your hilarious answers for what you would save at a picnic.

Coming Up: My stop on the Miserere One Question Blog Tour with author Teresa Frohock, a review of Lord of Scoundrels/ When Beauty Tamed the Beast along with a giveaway, review of When Colors Bleed by Estevan Vega.

It's also time to clean off my bookshelves! I'm thinking of a series of two or three days contest so pay attention this week!

That's it for today - have a happy Sunday!


  1. Lord of Scoundrels! Exclamation point!

    I'm trying to figure out Google +1, myself.

  2. I've decided I won't bother will Google+ until everyone's on it. And you are quite right, Twitter is definitely the best place to find you!

  3. I tried to follow you on Google+ but it keeps telling me I'm not signed in. I am.
    I'm not 100% certain how to properly link to a Google+ profile but I've found a social media button to link to on the blog!

  4. Wow. I had no idea that Google had a new program up and running. Guess I'm behind! Lol. I might have to go check it out...

  5. I signed up for Google + but already see myself abandoning it. Too many social networks around to keep up. I'll check out Bloggerverse.