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Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Movie/Television ramblings...

I am so far behind in my movie and TV watching! My hubby and I decided to concentrate on clearing out that DVR and watch that final Netflix movie so we could dump them due to that rate hike. (PS Netflix - if you got newer movies to stream I would switch to that plan but I don't want to pay to watch movies that are over a decade old! that is all.)

So here's a quick glimpse at what I've watched - I apologize ahead of time for the randomness. Kids movies to very violent adult fare....


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One & Two.

Part One - I had to catch up to see part two so this was my final Netflix movie. Have to be honest and say I was bored through most of it. Sorry HP fans.

Part Two - Loved it! I think aside from the first movie, it was my favorite. The acting has improved and the pacing was excellent. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I felt tension and anxiety throughout the movie. I teared up several times - mostly involving Snape...*sniff* *sniff*
My one complaint. Ginnie Weasly. Nope, not buying her and Harry together one bit. Didn't believe it in the books and I believe it even less in the movie. I also wasn't a fan of the epilogue. They didn't really look old enough to have kids that age and some actual information would have been nice. Where do they work....etc? But still- an excellent movie.

The Road
The Road.
Holy crap is this a depressing movie. But very, very good. I love Viggo. The acting and cinematography are amazing. The Road is unrelenting in it's bleakness. I was biting my nails and covering my eyes I was so afraid of what was going to happen next. This is a rough movie to watch but ends with a glimmer of hope. Right? Was that hopeful? I don't even know....

On a lighter note..... Super cute movie if you're looking for a little coming of age nostalgia or loved the series The Wonder Years. The same story is told from the POV's of both the boy and the girl. The results are adorable and funny. While Bryce is obviously tying to get away from Juli she only sees his love in his eyes. then the story *flips* and Bryce really does have love in his eyes but it may be too late. Young actress Madeline Carroll is amazing as juli and such a good example for young girls. She stand by her beliefs - always. I just wish it was a little longer with an epilogue. (I know I complained about HP's epilogue but I wanted one here!)


FX Thursdays at 10PM
This is one bizarre show. If you're into a pot smoking, passive aggressive dog that only Ryan (Elijah Woods) can see as a man in a dog suit and converse with then this may be the show for you. Warning: it's pretty crude but I love it. Not sure how long the premise will work but it's been funny so far.

Breaking Bad - The Complete First Season
Breaking Bad.
AMC Sundays at 10PM
Absolutely freaking brilliant story telling. My favorite thing about this show is the lack of overbearing music to tell me how I feel. The silence brings an intensity to the scenes and makes the characters actions that much more shocking. This is a brutal, dark show about the descent of a decent man headed down a very very dark road from which there will be no redemption.
Season 4 started a few weeks ago but you really need to watch it from season one.

True Blood.
HBO Sundays at 9PM
Last year was so outrageous and over the top that I wasn't sure how much more I could handle. This year has fixed that and now I would like to take a nap during most of the episodes. I'm bored. Eric & Sookie - yes. Almost everything else - no. I'm not sure how I feel about King Bill. At least it gives him something to do. (including banging your great, great, great, great Granddaughter - EWW) Please oh please get rid of Tara, Jesus and Tommy. Zzzzz whenever they hit the screen.
More Pam, Sookie and Eric.
I might give up after this season. It was never a favorite of mine but I gave it one more shot. I think I'm done after this year.

Still hope to see Winnie the Pooh, Captain America maybe Cowboys and Aliens (for Daniel Craig) and a few of my favorite TV shows should be coming back soon. Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sons of Anarchy, Archer.

What are you guys watching this summer?


  1. my summer shows are : Leverage, Burn Notice, Royal pains, In plain sight, Neccessary Roughness, Torchwood.

    I am a USA Fan

  2. I used to watch Burn Notice all the time and then I missed when it was on. Same with Leverage. I only saw season one and now I don't watch because I have to catch up. I haven't seen Necessary Roughness yet.

  3. @karen

    Everytime I watch Burn Notice I think of YOU because it in Florida , and sam axe, and Michael weston.

  4. I gave up on True Blood after episode 2 (maybe) of season 3. I had trouble with the ridiculousness before and I was never a fan of the sex scenes and gore so its clearly not the kind of show for me.

    All the shows I watch for the moment are USA originals, so Tuesday to Thursday or my TV nights from White Collar to Suits though I don't watch much Royal Pains since I fell behind and am a little lost with the new season since I have so much questions everytime I learn something about the character's current lives. Burn Notice maybe losing its stride at least I'm starting to lose interest in it but White Collar, Covert Affairs, Necessary Roughness and Suits are all fresh, funny and smart and have me adding their DVD collections to my Amazon wishlist.

    I used to watch Leverage but like you I fell behind and need time to catch up.

    When you watch Captain America stay after the credits for an extra scene and for the Avengers movie trailer.

  5. My 14 year old daughter has just discovered she loves Doctor Who (and especially David Tennant) so we have been streaming those shows through Netflix. When we run out of new ones, I plan on taking her back to the Doctor Who of my childhood, Tom Baker.

  6. @Thanks for the tip Sandy. My hubby really wants to see Captain America. I don't really know much about him. True Blood is definitely not for you if you don't like sex and gore. I'm not a fan of it either so I think I'm done.

    @ Julie - I love Sam. I remember him for Xena!

    @Dianne - I love the David Tennant years. Have you watched the newest Doctor? I haven't really been able to watch him. I just don't like him.

  7. @Karen - I didn't know anything about Captain America except for seeing a few images of a guy in a ridiculous costume with a huge chin a few years ago but I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would lots of action and great character moments :)

  8. I really need to check out Wilford. I saw Captain America and loved it. I really want to see Cowboys vs. Aliens.

  9. Urgh I hate True Blood too. I think I gave up in the 2nd season, it's just terrible. I wish they'd stuck closer to the books. I cant wait to see captain america either, or cowboys vs aliens

    The Cait Files

  10. I hear you about the overbearing background music on sub-par shows and films. You can stop wailing, violins. I'm not feelin' the sorrow. Stop crowing with triumph, trumpets--I'm not feeling victorious.

  11. Captain American was great! I'm a little behind on my Wilfred episodes, but it's growing on me. Can I say my summer delight is Degrassi: Now or Never on Teen Nick? It's so much fun. I'm not a True Blood fan either. Yes, Harry Potter Part One was super boring! The finale was great and you are correct, they did not look old enough...please! Maybe they know an anti-aging spell? You know Ron would be fat and bald.

  12. OMG - I'm so freaking happy that I stopped watching True Blood at around the point where Jason got throw in jail and went all CULTIST, or whatever, LOL ... I was bored then ... it just sounds painful now.

    Also, I totally agree about Harry Potter Part 1 ... blergh ... I imagine the first Breaking Dawn is going to be just as bad. Splitting one book into two movies is a BAD IDEA.

    Otherwise, I keep seeing The Road on TV and just not recording it ... I don't know why ... it just sounds so - random. Now I know that it has what I'd consider a crappy ending, though, so thanks for sparing me!! :D

  13. @Bella - Just do not even bother with TB. It's either completely whacked out orgy time or dull (this year)

    The Road is really good. Just so unrelentingly bleak. It's not a crappy ending either. Can't explain it until you see it. Would be spoilery. It's hopeful...I think. LOL

    @Colleen I get so addicted to Degrassi when it's on! I wait for a marathon.