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Saturday, April 16, 2011

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren to show what we've bought/won/borrowed for the week in books.

OK - so I caved and bought 10 more books from the Borders closing sale. That would be 38 books total. This batch was all under $3 - paperbacks were $1.99 and two were free (buy 8 get two free). The Rosetta Stone - German was for my hubby. 70% off! There were slim pickings this week but that didn't stop me from finding something to buy.
 Now I just have to find time to read them all.

Oh yeah and I got another cookbook. I don't cook.

Nora Ephron - I Remember Nothing
Death's Excellent Vacation - anthology
Behemouth - Scott Westerfield
No Mercy - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dark & Stormy Nights - anthology
Dog Blood - David Moody
Not that Kind of Girl / Ain't to Proud to Beg - Susan Donovan
Must Love Hellhounds - anthology
The Princess in His Bed - Lila DiPasqua
The Rosetta Stone

Weeknight Fresh & Fast - Williams Sonoma

and.....a finished copy of Enclave by Ann Aguirre because I luuuurve it so much.

Hunger - Jackie Morse Kessler (from my pal Andrea at Aine's realm)

Borders closed it's doors yesterday so no more books for me. No....really.

What did you get?


  1. Wow, there sure are deals at Borders. The one closest to my house is staying open. We got lucky.

    You don't cook. That's funny.

  2. Good sale :D But sad that its closing

  3. I wonder if the Walden Books in my area will close. It's our closest bookstore, and takes me 30 minutes to get to it. The next closest is probably and hour/hour and a half away.

    Definitely a stop I'll be checking out tomorrow.

  4. I only walked away with two books when Borders closed. I wouldn't let myself go back in. It was hard, but I managed. LOL!

    Though it's always sad to see a bookstore close. :'(

  5. Karen! You call that slim pickings? Gawd, I wish there was a Borders near me. I would have caved numerous times too. ;)

    P.S. I love to collect cookbooks too even though I burn toast!

  6. Death's Excellent Vacation was a fun read :) Enjoy!

    Here’s my mailbox!

  7. What? Our Borders closing sale didn't inclue the Rosetta Stone software. (We do have the German #1 already, just haven't been practicing.) Looks like you picked up a lot of great reads!

    Our Mailbox is at BookSake.