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Monday, February 14, 2011

A non review/review: Simone Elkeles

I ask you. Is there anyone who writes…. bad boy meets good girl – good girl reforms bad boy…better than Simone Elkeles? I think not.

Sure the books are a tad formulaic. You know exactly what you’re going to get but time and time again I get sucked in, pulse pounding, nervous about the outcome because she writes her characters with such heart. They have flaws, there is much teenage angst and longing (with a liberal dose of lust just shy of needing a cold shower) and of course redemption.

Leaving ParadiseThis post was brought about from reading Leaving Paradise and the sequel Return to Paradise. They have both been sitting on my shelf since May when I got the books at BEA. I had read Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction. The Paradise series seemed like it was going to be more of the same…hot bad boy meets sweet girl and goes good and it is….up to a point. There’s a bit more drama in this series and we don’t get our HEA right away. Totally sucked in…..again.

Perfect Chemistry still remains my favorite Simone Elkeles novel. It made me happy for days and days. I was happy as a clam when Brittney & Alex showed up in Rules of Attraction. Love, love, love when author let us know how past characters are doing.

So predictable or not I’ll be running to get the next Simone Elkeles book as soon as it comes out.

To me she’s pure comfort food in the world of YA fiction, I can always count on Simone.

Author's Website: Simone Elkeles
Buy the books: Leaving Paradise & Return to Paradise


  1. never read anything by Elkeles but will have to check out this author!

  2. I agree her books are pure comfort and you know what to expect and its hot :)

  3. Perfect Chemistry is on my TBR list. I think I'll have to move it further up my list. I think it's pretty cool that the author gave you a sneak peak into how other characters are doing.

  4. Nice non review ;)

    I'm so in love with Simone's books. Yes they're formulaic, but they're so well done it's hard to care. Leaving Paradise is actually my favourite of her books. I find Maggie very easy to relate to and Caleb...I just adore him! So excited for Chain reaction to see how it works out with the girl being the bad one!

  5. Yes and yes! I love Simone's books, and you are right they are formulaic, but still she manages to reel me in and I can't put the books down!

  6. Perfect Chemistry is one of my favorite books of all time, and Rules of Attraction was really good too! The paradise books are definitely on my wishlist!

  7. True. This. The Paradise books weren't my favorite, but Simone is still 100% reliable. She always delivers the good, mushy feelings just when you need them. :-)

  8. Agree, Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction were two of my favorite reads of 2010.

  9. I love Simone Elkeles's books! Perfect Chemistry was definitely my most fav read of 2010. I actually stopped reading for awhile - I don't know why, I just didn't want to - and I made myself read Perfect Chemistry and it was so good; it made me get back into reading again!