For What It's Worth

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Music: The National


I'm headed to see The National tonight!


One. I just started listening to them so I had to learn all their music and lyrics within one week so I'm not going....

"I'll rest my eyes till the.... blah blah..... outta me
I'll rest my eyes to the rivers in the...... blah blah
I'll rest my..... blah blah.....the fevers outta me
I'll rest my eyes to the rivers in the..... la la la"

......while singing to Bloodbuzz Ohio. LOL. You know those people.....the ones who pretend they know the words and keep singing really loud anyway and butcher the song. Well, I don't want to be one of them!

Two. It's a General Admission concert. I've never been to a GA concert before so I'm already a little scared  - toss in that I'm claustrophobic and YIKES! I have been told to wear close toed shoes and be prepared for sweaty/smelly people. So maybe some Vick's under the nose??

Any other advice for me?

A little info about the band about their latest CD High Violet from their website.

High Violet“We started out trying to make a light and happy record, but it just didn't happen,” says Matt. “This album is catchier and more fun than our other records, and bleaker in its ideas and themes.” The first single, “Bloodbuzz Ohio,” is a rip-roaring rock song and an elegy to things the realization that you’ll never be a teenager again. “Conversation 16” hovers on the brink of frustration and doom, “Runaway” is the subtlest of love songs, and “Lemonworld” hails the value of hope, fun and fantasy. “I prefer misquotes to the actual lyrics,” says Matt. “It gives the songs more dimensions when people hear something else...”

I love a lot of songs by The National - too many to cram into one post so here are two....

Bloodbuzz Ohio is the first single from High Violet:

One of my favorites - Conversation 16 - so beautiful! (even if it has brain eating)

Check out their MySpace page HERE


  1. Have fun at the concert!

    I'd be a little worried about GA, too; I've never been to one either, so I'm afraid I can't offer you any advice.

  2. Definitely stay near the back. The closer you are to the front the more everyone is squished together (because they want to be in the front).

    Closed toed shoes are a must, you might want to wear an old pair of sneakers or shoes you really wouldn't care if they got a little messed up.

    I've never heard of The National but I just listened to the videos you posted. I don't think their crowd would be too rowdy. You can always start towards the back and try to make your way closer to the stage.

    Have fun!!!

  3. @Jen - I'm thinking (hoping) it will be a somewhat mellow crowd.
    Metric is GA next month too and that one is a little more nerve wracking. Younger crowd and bouncier music! lol

    Thanks for the tips!!

  4. I am super jealous. Have a great time!