For What It's Worth

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Music: Broken Bells - The Ghost Inside

I really need to come up with catchier title rather than "Music". Bleh....oh well. Send suggestions if you have them!

Anyway - this week I have a video by Broken Bells. Honestly the song didn't really catch my attention at first. I watched the video though and that won me over. So few videos have a story anymore so I was intrigued by the one for The Ghost Inside. It's got a sci-fi vibe and reminded me the kind of book I would love to's got a great premise!! I was thinking specifically of Ann Aguirre's writing when I watched this for some reason.

Hope you enjoy!

Check out Broken Bells acoustic set available as a free download on  MySpace Transmissions. My favorite song is The High Road.

On Amazon: Broken Bells


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  2. Their album drops this week!! I'm completely thrilled with what they've come up with so far. Definitely give their next song a listen! :)