For What It's Worth

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Good & The Bad - no ugly (yet)

The weekends are usually slow in blogsville so I thought I would just do a quick post about the good and bad things from the week. What about you? Anything good happen? Anything piss you off? Do tell....

The Good:

* I won a contest! Free books - Before I Fall, Delirium & Low Red Moon from author Denise Jaden's blog

* I got Bring on the Night in the mail for review! SQUEEE

* I read Bring on the Night! SQUEEE

* I read not one, not two, not three but FOUR awesome books this week. Yay me!

*My pool

*Orange cranberry scones from Starbuck's

The Bad:

* It is stinkin hot!

* Mosquitos

*My dogs were sick for a few days

* Yard work (see it's stinkin hot above)

* The elipitcal machine (see it's stinkin hot above)


  1. We’re having sick dog and sick kitten issues. Too much time (& $$$) spent at the vet over the last 2 weeks. I hope your furry babies are feeling better.

  2. Tori - Mosquitos and fleas! The mosquitos are a pain this year - they aren't just outside but inside the house biting me while I'm reading!!

    Christie - Yes, I've been spending a lot fo money on vet bills recently. Mine are better now - how about yours?