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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WoW - ish pick

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

I know our WoW pick is supposed to be a book but this week I'm chosing a TV show - oh yea....I'm a rebel ! Being Human is a show on BBC America about a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf trying to make it in the world with humans. Season one is available for pre-order now (Being Human: Season 1 (2pc)) and previews for season two just started showing up & premiers this summer!! LOVE this show.

About Being Human

Being Human, a BBC AMERICA co-production, is a witty and extraordinary look into the lives of three twenty-somethings and their secret double-lives - as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost. They struggle to live normal lives, despite their strange and dark secrets.
George (Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) work in anonymous drudgery as hospital porters in Bristol, England. They lead lives of quiet desperation under the burden of a terrible secret - Mitchell's a vampire and George a werewolf. Deciding to start life afresh and leave behind the dark side, they move into a house, only to find that Annie (Lenora Crichlow), the ghost of a woman killed in mysterious circumstances, haunts it. As the monster threesome deal with the challenges of their new life together, they're united in their desire to blend in with their human neighbors.
But with unwelcome intruders into their world, a threatened revolution from the vampire underworld, constant threats of exposure, and the day-to-day issues faced by young people - the only thing they may be able to rely on is each other.
(from BBC America website)
For more information go to BBC America and check out all the Being Human goodness!
BBC America


  1. Sounds interesting, I love BBC Might have to check it out some time.

  2. This sounds like a really cool series!

  3. This looks like a great show!! I love that you picked a tv show and I picked a movie this week :) Thanks for sharing! I'm going to look it up and see if we get it here.

  4. This series sounds really entertaining. I'll have to look for it on DVD. :)

  5. I watched some of these shows. They were awesome.
    Wish they had something like this on US tv.

  6. I've read that Syfy will be airing the original six episodes but I don't know when.
    I'll post when it season two starts on BBCA or if they show a marathon of season 1.

  7. I love Being Human, i have such a thing for Mitchell!! :-) Season 2 was great, there were a couple of just OK episodes but the rest were really good and the finale sets it up nicely for a Season 3! Yay!