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Monday, May 31, 2010

BEA Part One............

BEA 2010

I think I'll do several postings about BEA so I can get to it all. So here's the part everyone wants to know...what books did I get?

Same books as top picture but close up.

Below is a view of them stacked:

Total: 73 books (one more box of @ 15 will be here on Tuesday)

Almost all are signed.

Here's a picture of the swag:

My most prized posession - the Harlequin bag!

That baby is BIG, sturdy and can hold a ton of books!! AND it's cute!
Here's the other side - look closely - it's the covers of all the Harlequin books:

Very cool - I think I'm bringing it back with me next year!

Next post will have more details about who I met - who was the nicest....more pictures of BEA...

I hope you enjoy my wrap up of BEA!


  1. Dang that's a LOT of books o.o ok seriously considering going to BEA next year.

  2. You better be planning on going to BEA next year. I'll definitely be there! :)

  3. Uhm correct me if I'm wrong but did you get FOUR COPIES of Nightshade?! Lolz. Jealous here. :P

  4. Hi guys! Yup that's "4" Nightshade's - there will be some contests :-))))
    I will be sharing the booty!!

    Lena - My DH already printed up next yrs floor plan!!


  5. I'm curious... are all those review (free) copies? Do you pay for any of those books. I'm seriously baffled at how those of you who got to go to BEA have so many. I'm so jealous (and really thinking of going next year even if it's across the US for me lol)!
    I'm a new follower (missed your contest). If you have a chance come visit me at
    One Book At A Time

  6. I love the Vlad Todd bags. I keep seeing them everywhere and I want one. Well along with all the books too. =]

  7. haha, enough copies of Nightshade? :P jk
    Looks like you got some amazing books, i'm so jealous! Happy reading :D

  8. Page - yes - EVERYTHING was free! You can't possibly get all the free books they have to offer! There isn't enough time or room...I'll be doing a few more post about the whole BEA experience - just remember you have to get it all back home!

    - I have extra Vlad Tod bags - so a giveaway is imminent!


  9. I hope that Harlequin puts some bags like that in their reader rewards program. I really want one.

  10. WOW, that is a super cool amount of books :o You're going to be reading, and reading, and reading ... hehe ... we're never going to hear from you again! :P Seriously awesome, enjoy :)

  11. Holy cow! I think you got every book at BEA. Yes, we did meet in the Brandon Mull line! I haven't quite unpacked all the cards I picked up but I was meaning to get to your blog and check it out. You beat me to it though!

    I haven't counted my books yet, but I know it's not anywhere close as I was trying to keep the number low for my travels back across the border.