For What It's Worth

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've been very lucky to have gotten four awards this month!! Unfortunately I have been lagging behind in passing them on.

                                                     I received the Sunshine blog award from Reading With Tequila

And the Honest Scrap award from A Thousand books With Quotes

Thank you both!
Because I'm so lazy about passing these on - I'm just going to list my favorite blogs and ones I've just discovered through the blog hop. If you're on the list consider yourself awarded and grab an award and pass it on!!



    ... and thanks :) I'll be hoarding them for a little while, but I'll definitely be passing them on at some point, hehe.

    Happy Saturday!!! WEEKEND! *cheer* :D

  2. Bella - You are very welcome! Save it for when your feeling like a bad blogger and need a pick me up! lol

  3. I'm a miserable sod who doesn't put the awards up on my blog or anything but the thought is greatly appreciated. Thanks Karen.

  4. Marc - Don't blame you!
    I've had them for over a week and still have another one from two weeks ago that I should have passed on! I think I should have passed them onto @ 30 blogs! Not happening. They are fun to get though!
    I just grouped them together and you can take them or leave

  5. LOL!! Congrats Karen and thanks !! We'll be holding ours a bit to, but we'll pass them along!!