For What It's Worth

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WoW Pick!

13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale

13 TO LIFE: A Werewolf's tale
Shannon Delany

(June 22, 2010)

Jessica's life seemed difficult enough since the sudden loss of her mother, but meeting Pietr Rusakova turns her world upside down again.
 The newest member of Junction High, Pietr is a first generation Russian-American, a fact that by itself makes him different enough to get lots of attention in the small town. But Pietr is far more than good looks and an interesting accent, Pietr has secrets to hide-secrets including dramatic changes he's undergoing that will surely end his life early. Secrets dating back to the Cold War get the better of Jessica's curiosity, leading her into an exciting and dangerous world where her understanding of reality and what makes a man or a monster will be challenged.

This is the book I'm most looking forward to reading this year! Russian werewolves, romance, action! Can't wait!!
Although a small part of me (that I will ignore) is afraid to read it. Shannon has posted tweet excerpts from book 2 and I have to say I'm so attached to the characters without even reading the book that I'm already stressed out!

What are you looking forward to reading??