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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Authors to follow on Twitter...........

Twitter can be a great place to follow your favorite author. You get insight into the day in the life of a writer - with all it's ups & downs.......they often tweet about their upcoming books including teasers and recommend other authors/books! I'm always finding something new to read this way! I can't always keep track of all the upcoming release dates either so it's nice to get the reminders. Here are a few authors that I like to follow.

Ann Aguirre - snarky tweets, she also has lots of  "twitter only" contests but they usually only last 15 minutes so you have to be paying attention! @ann_aguirre

Shiloh Walker - she has lots of great teasers to upcoming books like her just released book BROKEN, twitter only contests, and her tweets about working out everyday make me feel lazy they help me get off my butt and get on the eliptical machine! @shilohwalker

Jeri Smith-Ready - funny - random thought tweets that crack me up throughout the day. Also one of my favorite authors, so it's a bonus to see what goes into the writing of her books and how it changes throughout the process @JSmithReady

Shannon Delany - Shannon has a farm in NY so she tweets @ farm life with lots of pictures! What I really love about Shannon's tweets though are her teasers for her upcoming book 13 TO LIFE: A WEREWOLVES TALE. I swear to god - I have never been more stressed out by a book or the fate of a character (Pietr) that I have never even read, than I am after reading the teasers for this series!! Pure torture....but I cannot look away. Sometimes I wonder if will make it until it comes out in June....JUNE! egad....that's a long wait @Shannon_Delany

So what authors do you like to follow on twitter? Have you found new authors and books to read this way?

Coming up this weekend..........what is a "real" vampire / zombie? Looking forward to your POV's on this one so check back.

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  1. LMAO. I gripe so I can feel better that others are suffering with me. *G* Glad I'm not driving people too insane with them.

  2. Karen, thanks so much for including me in this awesome group of Twittering authors! LOL--sorry to torture you and my other fabulous followers so much with teasers from and about 13 to Life but I can't wait for June either and have to share snippets! :D