For What It's Worth

Monday, February 1, 2010




The winner of this auction will receive copies of BOTH "MAGIC BITES" - Book #1 of the bestselling Kate Daniels series, and "ON THE EDGE" - Book #1 of the new The Edge series SIGNED by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1)MAGIC BITES

Prepare for a gritty, action-filled journey with one of the most memorable heroines in urban fantasy... In the city of Atlanta, magic and technology coexist in an uneasy truce. Kate Daniels is a sword-wielding, magic-using mercenary who cleans up supernatural problems, and now she faces her biggest challenge ever, when she must investigate the brutal murder of her guardian.

Book #1 in the bestselling Kate Daniels series

On the Edge (The Edge, Book 1)ON THE EDGE

The Broken is a place where people shop at Wal-Mart and magic is nothing more than a fairy tale. The Weird is a realm where blueblood aristocrats rule and the strength of your magic can change your destiny. Rose Drayton lives on the Edge, the place between both worlds. A perilous existence indeed, made even more so by a flood of magic-hungry creatures bent on absolute destruction.

Book #1 in the new “The Edge” series

Here are those boring (but necessary) rules...

•The first bid must always start at a minimum of $20 and be in $1 increments. Ex. $21, $25, $34...
•This particular auction will end on Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at 11:59pm EST
•The winning bid will be the HIGHEST POSTED bid at 11:59pm EST.
•When the auction has ended, I will post who had the winning bid and they will donate their money to Doctors Without Borders HERE . You will have 48 hours from when I announce the winner to make the donation and forward the receipt to me or the next highest bidder becomes the winning bid…..and so on.
•Once I have donation conformation, your book will be sent out by either me, or the author.
•The next auction will start the next day after bidding has ended for the previous auction.
•You can enter from anywhere, (and we will ship anywhere) but the bids and donations must be made in US dollars. (USD)
•If you have questions about the auction, books, authors or anything at all, please feel free to email me: Please leave the comment section free for bidding only – email for everything other than bidding.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the participating authors and to everyone who helps spread the word!

Now, it's time to start bidding! Let’s have some fun, raise money for charity and show everyone what Paranormal/Urban Fantasy fans are made of!!