For What It's Worth

Friday, March 15, 2024

It's a wrap! Weekly update - life, baking, watching, reading, music


My plants are budding, we will have SUN for at least 5 days. I am happy! 

Not a whole lot going on here. I've felt kind of sick and the weather was awful so I've mostly only done what I had to and not much else.

Our counter was finally installed and fit this time. YAY! Just tiling the backsplash is left. 

Kevin and I had our 37th wedding anniversary this Thursday. Hoo-boy that's a long time! We were just babies when we got married at 22 years old. All the people who said it wouldn't last are now divorced so ha!

Also, I totally forgot to celebrate (due to the not doing much blogging thing) but December was my 14th year of blogging. WHOA. So much has changed over those 14 years and only a few of you are still here and blogging. I may be scarce but I'm still not ready to give it up.

So what have I been doing this week?


I was planning on baking a cake and trying my hand at making my own frosting for our anniversary - but, like I said, I wasn't feeling great and a giant sugar bomb was not what I was in the mood for. Maybe next week. 

I did make a sourdough focaccia. It turned out really well but I tried a new method and it didn't rise at all at first. Normally, I would have gotten defeated and thrown the dough out and never baked again lol but I had invested so much time - so I threw the whole thing (pan and all) into the fridge overnight then put it in a warm spot to rise the next day and it worked!

I had also put olives, rosemary and sundried tomatoes on top but the tomatoes burned to a crisp so I plucked those off. I send a lot of my baked goods to Kevin's work and this one got a thumbs up. 

I've also now have people suggesting recipes to me try and I LOVE THAT! I did the Pandesal rolls last week and Sam sent me a recipe for chocolate brownie sourdough and I think I'm going to give a try! It's a bit more challenging but I'm game to try.


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom - MAX - This was bad (IMO of course). Bad story, bad acting, really bad CGI. Neither of us liked it. It wasn't even silly, cheesy, good/bad fun. 

The Gentleman - Netflix - We're watching this now. It's a series by Guy Ritchie about an aristocrat that inherits his families estate and discovers they are running a marijuana business on the property. He tries to sell it and get the family out of the whole thing but gets caught up in mess and after escalating mess. Very violent, kind of fun. I like Theo James (the aristocrat) and Kaya Scadalario (daughter of the marijuana business) as the leads but it's also getting increasingly wacky. 

Damsel - Netflix - We both loved this one! It stars Millie Bobbie Brown as a girl sent off to marry a prince to save her family from poverty. She thinks she's marrying a pretty good guy and helping her family survive, until after their wedding ceremony where she learns she is to be a sacrifice to a dragon. Really fun movie - a nice twist on the genre and I loved the ending.


I finally finished listening to Lights Out in Lincolnwood by Geoff Rodkey.

I really wish I DNF'd this one. 

It was supposed to be dark humor & satire on the rich having to struggle and get scrappy to survive an apocalypse but it was basically a whine-fest with too much set up.


Most of you are much younger than I but a-ha and their groundbreaking (& still fabulous) video for Take on Me were a big deal in my day (the 80's).

Here's the band doing an acoustic version for MTV and it's gorgeous. I love it, but I have to admit, in my brain, I kept singing it faster and mentally twirling through rooms like original lol  

a-ha Take on Me acoustic 

How was your week? What are you reading, watching, doing?


  1. Hooray for the counter getting installed. I love that Kevin's coworkers are actually putting in requests. That's so awesome. :) Wasn't the video for Take On Me the best? The acoustic version is pretty but I will always love the original. And now I want to twirl through rooms, too. lol

    1. I can't help but sing the original version in my head while listening. But I do love this one too.

      Tiling this coming week and then that house project is DONE.

  2. First and foremost, congratulations on proving those haters wrong. That is quite a milestone for you and Kevin. You bread looks so lovely, sounds great too. It is a nice treat to see the sun after so much rain. Hope you are feeling better so you can celebrate properly

    1. We were just little babies lol To be fair, the odds were against us but I'm still gonna gloat lol.
      OMG, so much sun today!! It was wonderful.

  3. Happy Anniversary! That's awesome, although sorry you've not been feeling well. We loved Damsel - so much fun and MBB is kicka$$. Although I actually enjoyed the first Aquaman, I can't bring myself to watch Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, so I'm glad you confirmed that it's not worth it! I hope you have a restful weekend!

    1. I'm feeling better!
      Maybe you should watch the movie though. That's just my opinion, but one major thing was the Amber Heard character. It's like they wanted her in the movie, then didn't (which is true lol) but wouldn't remove her so her stuff is all scattered and some of the aquaman story feels patched in. It's a weird one.

  4. Happy Anniversary and Blogaversary! I hope you get to feeling better.

  5. "All the people who said it wouldn't last are now divorced so ha!"
    Serves them right LOL. Happy belated anniversary - and blogoversary! (Don't ever think of leaving 😬 😉). I hope you're feeling better now.

    You've become quite the baker, uh? I loved how you were able to save the day with that focaccia. It does look yummy...

    Ah, the Take On Me video! It was indeed groundbreaking, and yeah, it still holds its own after 40 years...

    1. That bread thing is very un-Karen like. I know it doesn't really show because the finished product seems pic worthy but I make a MESS when I bake and I'm always nervous - so it was a new me to just throw it in the fridge and see if it could be salvaged the next day lol

      I agree! I think that video is still good by today's standards.

  6. Happy anniversary, anniversary twin! :D Despite not feeling well, I hope you had a good day with Kevin. Your sourdough foccacia looks very tasty. I'm glad your counter is in and that it fit. Yay!

    1. We be twins! Anniversary and one day apart birthday lol

      The tiling gets done today/tomorrow and then I can finally use it without having to clear it all out every two weeks lol

  7. I had to do some math there ;) And was all no that cant be right?! I think when I meet people online they stay at that age when I met them lol

    1. Ha! Or they are their cartoon avatars. It's been strange watching everyone get older - graduate, go to college, get married, have kids/grandkids...