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Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Fast Five: What You Might Not Know About Me Tag

Sarah from One Curvy Blogger (one of my favorite new blog discoveries btw) tagged me in her What You Did Not Know About Me post.

I’m going to combine it with my Friday Fast Five. I’m not  going to tag any specific bloggers (I don’t want anyone to feel pressured) but B is 4 has the *rules* that I obviously did not follow lol and feel free to jump on in!


Five Things You May Not Know About Me:


I have iced coffee every single morning. Spring/winter/summer/fall. Whether it’s cold or hot outside.

And I make my own special blend. I combine 2/3 Starbucks Mocha with 1/3 Starbucks premade lightly sweetened Iced Coffee with a touch of half and half.

I only have one cup per day. Any more and WIRED but if I don’t have it by 9am, I turn into a raging monster. Just ask my husband.


Bloggers, on a whole, are some of the most organized people I know. We have never met a google spreadsheet or planner we didn’t need.

And then there’s me.

The more organized and structured I try to make reading and blogging the more I freak out and shut down.

A simple sticky note on my computer works for me and a monthly planner to jot down posts as I go is all I do.
Sticky note

I keep my non netgalley/physical copy monthly reading on track with a shelf of ARC’s divided by release month. I write reviews as I go - if and when the inspiration/ mood hits.

That’s it. Any more and I freak out.


I think most of you know that I love music and go to a lot of concerts but you would probably be surprised by how little I listen to music overall. I usually only listen for an hour or so per day (often less) while driving and only at home when I watch Palladia  ( Dish's HD Music channel) once or twice a week. I have Spotify but rarely use it.

I also tend to skip around a lot and don’t listen to many songs/groups more than one or two times.

Do I lose my music cred now?? lol


If you’ve met me in real life, you probably already know this, but I’m SUPER shy.Embarrassed smile Most people seem surprised by this since I’m pretty open and talk a lot online. I hate being around a lot of people and unless I know you I’m like this awkward weirdo trying to force myself to say something coherent that doesn’t make me come off like a weirdo or a bitch. lol 

That’s why blogging has been so good for me. It MAKES me push out of my comfort zone.


Before I started blogging I only read 1-2 books per year!!!

In fact, my very first blog was about politics. You couldn’t get me talk politics online for a million dollars now! But back then I was super vocal and opinionated.

My New Years resolution one year (I think 2008?) was to read one book a month and that led to my second attempt at blogging – For What It’s Worth – started in December of 2009. It was supposed to be a mix of books, music and movies/tv, my pets, and just about my life in general. More of an online journal. Somehow book blogging took off and it became an all consuming beast for me – overtaking everything else. I now read between 120-200 books per year.

After a few years of burnout – I realized I needed to get back to my roots if I was going to keep the blog running. Now I have more of a blend of things that interest me, rather than chasing trends or feeling pressured to do this any one way.

So that's it! 5 things about me! Let me know if you join in so I can learn something about YOU :-)

Happy TGIF everyone!


  1. Great to learn a little bit more about you. I had no idea that you blogged about politics way back when. Not a particularly political person myself I do think those who lay their heads on the block so to speak and write/talk about their political opinions are very brave. And yes, much as they annoy me, also those with views that are the polar opposite to mine.

    1. I barely pay attention to politics now. It raises my blood pressure and people don't want to talk anymore - just yell and that's not for me.

  2. It was funny LOL. 1-2 books a year? Have you been body-snatched at some point? ;)

    I couldn't imagine not listening to a song again and again, or not having a favourite musician/band. Though I have to admit I rarely listen to music at home lately - I guess years and years of radio activity have finally taken their toll on me. Also, since I've started blogging, it takes up most of my free time...

    Karen for President? I would have liked to read your blog back then ;).

    1. I know! Can you believe that's all I read - PER YEAR? And sometimes....nothing. *gasp*

      I do listen to songs/bands I like more often but since I usually listen to the radio or whatever is on Kevin's playlists - it's mostly newer music to discover.

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  3. Ooh, I didn't know all these things about you. I don't drink coffee but on a recent trip I ordered a large decaf and I'm pretty sure I got caffeinated coffee because I drank the whole thing and it was like Jekyll and Hyde -- I was pacing around at ten times my usual speed feeling like I was about to jump out of my skin. My family has forbidden me from all coffee when they are around.

    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. I can only have the one cup or else I'm the same. I get super wired then come crashing down. But if I don't have the one cup I'm evil lol

  4. I did not follow her rules either *hides face* I'm clearly horrible at following the rules! lmao I prefer my caffeine in sweet tea format, but I couldn't limit myself to just one cup! I'm super shy in real life too. :D

    1. Bad bloggers! lol

      I can only have the one cup or else I get too wound up.

  5. Ahhh I'm so the opposite on organizing. I organize death. But not just with blogging. I've done it since I was a kid and would sort out the halloween candies not just by type but color too. *hangs head*

    1. I think most people are like you though. I'm the only one I know who doesn't use google docs to keep track of my reading or have something more elaborate organizing my blog.

      I am organized. I just can't get super obsessed about it or else it freaks me out lol

    2. I have some OCD happening with it. Ah well. I use print organizers though. The online ones never worked for me. They make my brain jumble. But my print agenda. Holy cow. lol

  6. So this was the post I did not post on ? ;=D
    Great getting to know you more, and I am so with you on the shy thing

  7. That coffee thing sounds delish! Caffeine doesn't affect me like it does most people. I can have a lot of coffee and then go to sleep. Now you know something about me that no one online does. ;)

    Um... you are WAY more organized than I am! I just don't sweat it too much and I hope it doesn't show that on my blog too much. LOL

    Loved this post. Glad to get to know you shy or not! :)

    1. If I drink more than one cup I can hyper for about 1/2 hour then I come crashing down and need to sleep for a few hours lol

      I'm MORE organized?? Wow. That's great to hear though. I always feel so weird because everyone I know has spread sheets and posts scheduled 3-4 months in advance. I can't event think that way or I get stressed.

      And no it doesn't show on your blog!

  8. How about only read one or two a year? My numbers went down when I started blogging..LOL I live and die by my Google calendar.

    1. Yeah and even that was a stretch some years lol

      My husband made me put a calendar on my phone for appointments and stuff but online things don't work for me. I'm old school - I need to physically write it down. But a simple post-it note works for me. Any more than that and I glaze over and forget it anyway lol

  9. That's crazy you read so many more books a year now, but super awesome too. It's always important to keep your blog what you want it. Mine is mostly about books, but I include a variety of other things too because it's what I love and I want to share that. :-)


    1. Your blog should be whatever you want it to be right?!

      I think people are more open to that now too and want a little variety.

  10. Thanks for sharing these, K!

    I get massive headaches if I skip coffee or have it too late. Withdrawals suck! Thank god I'm not addicted to drugs or what not. Rehab must be hell for them!

    I'm "shy" too and some people interpret my resting bitch face as haughty. I can't help how my face is arranged and how my muscles rest. But I'm shy too, takes me a while to warm up to people. So if we do get the chance to meet, don't mind my bitchy face, I can't help it! lol

  11. Awesome :) I am same way with lists for things, kids, reunion lol
    I know you love music :) I didn't know that was your drink of choice . xoxo

  12. Awesome :) I am same way with lists for things, kids, reunion lol
    I know you love music :) I didn't know that was your drink of choice . xoxo

  13. A lovely post, Karen! I might need to do something like this too :) Spreadsheets and calendars!!! I make them and then something happens and my schedule gets ruined :) Makes me all stressed.

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