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Thursday, December 18, 2014

{Short & Tweet} Review: Talk Sweetly to Me (Brothers Sinister #4.5) by Courtney Milan

20325481Nobody knows who Miss Rose Sweetly is, and she prefers it that way. 
She’s a shy, mathematically-minded shopkeeper’s daughter who dreams of the stars. Women like her only ever come to attention through scandal. She’ll take obscurity, thank you very much.

All of England knows who Stephen Shaughnessy is. He’s an infamous advice columnist and a known rake. When he moves into the house next door to Rose, she discovers that he’s also wickedly funny, devilishly flirtatious, and heart-stoppingly handsome. But when he takes an interest in her mathematical work, she realizes that Mr. Shaughnessy isn’t just a scandal waiting to happen. He’s waiting to happen to her…and if she’s not careful, she’ll give in to certain ruination.

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Race, class and opposing personalities collide in this absolutely delightful romantic novella.


*Short & Tweet reviews inspired by Midnight Book Girl


  1. So short :)
    I plan to read one by her soon

    1. I'm finally getting the hang of SHORT and tweet lol

  2. This actually sounds like a good book, thank you for putting it under my radar now!

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  3. this sounds good :) Adds this to the reading pile

  4. I've only read two novellas from the series so you're still ahead!

  5. I'm glad this gave you all the swoons! I need to try this author seeing how I love HR. Any recommendations on her series? Thanks for putting this on my radar : )