For What It's Worth

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Garden Ramblings…Hidden blooms

I completely neglected my gardens and yard last year. I was almost afraid to get out there this spring, convinced everything would be dead, but it’s turned out that neglect was kind to my plants.

I’m finding blooming plants that I had completely forgotten about. The only problem is – everything is kind of overgrown so I’m going to have to start clearing things out. I was poked, stabbed and scratched venturing in to try to get these pictures.



Originally planted along my fence - where it died – it’s now invading my wooded area about 100ft from it’s original spot. This might be a problem – since it’s twining up my shrubs. It smells pretty and the butterflies are enjoying it so I’ll let it stay a little longer until other plants start blooming.


Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Another plant originally meant for the fence that is now invading the back. This one dies back every winter though and is more easily managed so it gets to stay.

BTW – this vine is super easy to grow from seed and looks fantastic in containers!



So pretty and reliable – with absolutely zero care!



I totally forgot about this shrub. I planted it for the birds but it got overwhelmed by weeds and trees. I spotted the berries and cleared a path so now it has some room to groove.


  1. Technically yes it has been spring for quite some time, BUT still not spring, for spring to come it has to be + temps for a week day and night

  2. I hear ya. Our new yard was a bit wild when we bought it. Something we love but have been having to trim back big time this spring. Awesome pics. Especially the mahonia. I have to look that one up.

  3. So beautiful. I looove honeysuckle. Sometimes it's such a nice surprise to see what grows and blooms on the lawns.

  4. Love amaryllis and honeysuckle. With the latter maybe create a structure so it can climb it? Gorgeous flowers, Karen!

    1. The honeysuckle was originally planted on a trellis along my fence - where it died and apparently took a giant leap to the wood sin back lol

      There's really no place to tame it back here but maybe if I can keep it under control with pruning I can keep it limited to one tree or something.