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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tune in Tuesday: NONONO, Empire of the Sun, Gabrielle Aplin, Ben Howard


Tune In Tuesday is a weekly feature in which bloggers get to showcase another one of their loves, music! The feature was originally created and hosted by Ginger over at GReads! but can now be found over at Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands.

* I asked my friend Ana Lucia to help with me this week. The one thing better than listening to music – is sharing music with friends!

Here are her awesome picks! (Thanks Ana Lucia xoxo)

NONONO – Pumpin Blood

Empire of the Sun – Standing On the Shore (This video is so trippy! lol)

Gabrielle Alpin – Keep Pushing Me (live) (We think she sounds a little like Birdy in this one)

My picks!

Gabrielle Alpin – Panic Cord (I started listening to Gabrielle after Ana Lucia introduced me to her. Gah – her videos all break my heart. You should check them out if you’re looking for some emo breakup music lol) She puts Taylor Swift to shame.

Ben Howard – Only Love (sounds a little like Ed Sheeran and a lot like Passenger) Oh lordy – this song makes me swoon!

Thanks again Ana Lucia!

What are you guys listening to this week? Christmas tunes maybe??


  1. I really like the Pumpin Blood song. The first few times I heard it though I misread the title on the radio as Pumpkin Blood. And now I can't think of it any other way. I thought it was a great Halloween song.

    1. I hate when I do that lol Once I have the wrong thing in my head I can't forget it.

  2. You know, I always find new and fabulous songs through you! I agree with Alison -- I really like Pumpkin Blood (though the title is...odd).

  3. I am adding these to my playlist ...yes I am listening to some christmas music and some lady gaga and Katy Perry lol

  4. I like them all, but I have to say that Panic Button was my fave.

  5. I really enjoyed Gabrielle Aplin :D

  6. Thank you for having me! xoxox

    I really liked the Ben Howard song, you are so right, he sounds like mix of them...sometimes like Ed others like Passenger, so good.

    I'm glad I introduced you to Gabrielle Aplin!! Woohoo.

  7. I love that about are so well "read" when it comes to music.

  8. Alpin's voice is the bomb! Dang kid super talented!

  9. Thanks for sharing Gabrielle Aplin with us, I'm having a blast listening to the rest of her songs on Youtube too. And I love Pumpin Blood too, and like Alison, read it as Pumpkin at first. LOL! =) My Tune In is here is you wanna drop by:

  10. I agree, Ben Howard makes me swoon with that song! So good! I'm also a fan of Pumpin Blood. It was on my playlist for August. :) Empire of the Sun always has the weirdest videos. Thanks for the introduction to Gabrielle Aplin. She's really talented and I loved Panic Cord.

    Thanks for sharing all the awesome tunes, ladies!

  11. I love, love, love Pumpin Blood! It is one of my feel-good songs to listen to. Also, Gabrielle's voice is amazingly beautiful!