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Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Love is a Battlefield (Games of Love #1) by Tamara Morgan

It takes a real man to wear a kilt. And a real woman to charm him out of it.

Games of Love, Book 1 It might be modern times, but Kate Simmons isn’t willing to live a life without at least the illusion of the perfect English romance. A proud member of the Jane Austen Regency Re-Enactment Society, Kate fulfills her passion for courtliness and high-waisted gowns in the company of a few women who share her love of all things heaving.

Then she encounters Julian Wallace, a professional Highland Games athlete who could have stepped right off the covers of her favorite novels. He’s everything brooding, masculine, and, well, heaving. The perfect example of a man who knows just how to wear his high sense of honor—and his kilt.

Confronted with a beautiful woman with a tongue as sharp as his sgian dubh, Julian and his band of merry men aren’t about to simply step aside and let Kate and her gaggle of tea-sippers use his land for their annual convention. Never mind that “his land” is a state park—Julian was here first, and he never backs down from a challenge.Unless that challenge is a woman unafraid to fight for what she wants...and whose wants are suddenly the only thing he can think about. Warning: The historical re-enactments in this story contain very little actual history. Battle chess and ninja stars may apply.

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Get to the point mini review:

I love the premise of Love is a Battlefield. The idea that two characters are so caught up in somewhat nerdy pursuits (I mean that in a good way) – Kate with the Jane Austen Regency era, and Julius, with the Scottish Highland Games. They both take it quite seriously which I enjoyed. I expected witty banter and good natured sparring, however these two were childish and mean to each other at times. Julius bordered on Neanderthal-ish.

When they had private moments together where they opened up to each other I swooned – all other times I wanted to smack them and especially Kate’s best friend Jada – who was just pushy regarding Kate’s personality and life choices.

I did enjoy Morgan’s Christmas novella, In the Clear & that awesome hero, so I will be checking out The Derby Girl – a book highly recommended by several trusted bloggers. This one just wasn’t for me. 


  1. Aaand now I'm singing "Love is a Battlefield". I love the premise but I'm sad that what should have been witty banter...wasn't. *sigh*

  2. I agree with Mary, the song immediately popped in my head. Even if this is a light hearted, OK read with weak humor, I still think I'd enjoy this. Just something feel good to curl up with plus I do love geeks. Happy holidays, karen!

  3. LOL! I would probably want to smack them as well. I do want to check out Derby Girl with you though. :)

  4. I've heard good things about Morgan too, and bought In the Clear. Sorry this one didn't work for you!

  5. Oh what a shame...annoying characters can really ruin a read!

  6. When I first read Regency historical I thought I would like it, but the characters I don't think I would be able to tolerate.

  7. Awww, the whole Jane Austen and Highland games thing does sound fun!!! Ugh, I would not be a fan of the best friend, either!!

  8. Ok now you have me singing Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar To bad you went back and forth between liking them and wanting to smack them..LOL

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