For What It's Worth

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Mayan Apocalypse Day!


If you are reading this the good news is that we're all still here.

The bad news is that you have to go finish your Christmas shopping.

So are you happy about this or were you hoping to avoid having to buy those last minute gifts?

And…. when is the next end of the world prediction?


  1. I have finish shopping but I think the doctor saved us :)

  2. Hey, we had a blizzard and since I'm snowed in, for all I know, the rest of you all toast and I'm the only one still alive. ;) This may just be a Christmas cookie-fueled dream!

    I don't even know if I'll get it in time, but I spontaneously bought one last gift for my kiddo late yesterday and had it sent next day air. Supposedly that means it'll be here Monday, but who knows. He's old enough not to mind waiting until Wednesday for it.

    I'm predicting the next date the end of the world will be predicted for is 12/12/2024. It has to be symmetrical or something strange now that the Mayans are out of the picture.

    1. Well since I did venture out in the world today I can say we all survived and will be here when you come off your Christmas cookie high lol

      Of course there are still a few more hours left to the day.

  3. Still one hour here for comets to hit the earth ;>)

  4. Worst apocalypse ever.

  5. I was just hoping it would have ended before having to drive to work...would have been a shame to get all the way there to have it end!
    - Jessica @ Book Sake