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Monday, November 12, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: Ed Sheeran–Give Me Love


Tune In Tuesday is a weekly feature in which bloggers get to showcase another one of their loves, music! The feature was originally created and hosted by Ginger over at GReads! but can now be found over at Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands.

I know I’ve featured Ed Sheeran many times on the blog already but he just debuted the new video for the single “Give Me Love” (a favorite song of mine)

I didn’t think it fit with the song when the video first started but after seeing the whole thing I like it. It appeals to the paranormal/romance reader in me lol

What do you guys think of the video?


  1. You have the best taste in music. :-)

  2. Yes, swooooooooon! And yay video to show my brother. It's one of his favorites too ;)

  3. Nice! I've never listened to Ed Sheeran before, but you have such great musical taste that I had to check him out. I like the song.

  4. Oh I love me some Ed Sheeran! I just ordered my younger sister tickets to see Taylor Swift and Ed in may and I cannot wait! Also, the music video was kind of weird and creepy at first but by the end I really like it :)

  5. Cool song -- it made me feel peaceful.

    My pick for this week.

  6. Ooh, I really like this guy. Just found him recently with "The A Team" song. Great voice, and great pick!
    Ninja Girl

  7. I like your taste in music. Great song.

    got my tickets for his concerts from:

  8. It's an interesting video... Hmm. I don't know what I think of it just yet. Guess I'll have to watch it again, eh? :D

    I love Ed! My sister and I want to go see him again this February... hopefully we can both get that night off work! Thanks for yet another fantastic pick, Karen.

    1. I hated it at first then I slowly warmed up to it lol

      I love it now.

      I hope you get tickets!