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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: Charade (The Games Series #1) by Nyrae Dawn

15993374Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne tries to portray the perfect life to mask the memories of her past. Walking in on her boyfriend with another woman her freshman year in college threatens that picture of perfection.

Twenty-one-year-old Colt never wanted college and never expected to amount to anything, but when his mom's dying wish is for him to get his degree, he has no choice but to pretend it's what he wants too.

Cheyenne needs a fake boyfriend to get back at her ex and Colt needs cash to take care of his mom, so they strike a deal that helps them both. But what if Cheyenne’s past isn’t what she thought? Soon they’re trading one charade for another—losing themselves in each other to forget about their pain. The more they play their game, the more it becomes the only thing they have that feels real.

Both Cheyenne and Colt know life is never easy, but neither of them expect the tragedy that threatens to end their charade and rip them apart forever. ~ Goodreads

Review:Cheyenne thought she had the perfect boyfriend and a perfect future but that's all torn to shreds when she finds him with another woman. She starts wondering if their relationship was ever as great as she thought it was in the first place. And Colt is only going to college to give his mom her dying wish of an education. If she knew what he was really doing to earn money to provide for her, she would be crushed.

Colt needs money fast and Cheyenne needs a boyfriend to show her ex, Greg, that she doesn't want him anymore so they agree to a fake relationship that helps them both.

Charade is the perfect tittle for this book. Not just because of the obvious set up where Cheyenne and Colt agree to a charade but also because on personal level they have both been living in a lie even before they met.

Once Cheyenne and Colt enter their agreement I was surprised at how quickly they opened up to each other but it was refreshing. Yes, their "relationship" started out as a charade and they stay together basically for sex once they realize there is a real attraction. Right from the start these two people have laid themselves more emotionally bare to each other than they ever have to anyone else.

Colt thinks of himself as a jerk/loser (& he does suffer from a severe case of foot and mouth disease) but he makes the grand gestures. He takes, even this fake relationship, seriously. Colt is there for Cheyenne in every way that matters.  Just as she is for him.  It was really quite beautiful to watch because you pretty much know, as the reader, how they feel about each right from the start. We're just waiting for them to admit it to themselves.

Gregory the ex pops up one too many times. He ends up being more annoying than a serious threat but I liked him overall as the thorn in Cheyenne and Colt's side.

Rating 3.5 out of 4 Nyrae Dawn is my go to author when I need something light to read but that also has a story with emotional impact and heart. For some reason I always seem to start her books before I go to bed. Big mistake. I end up reading till the wee hours of the morning so I can find out how it ends. Every single time.

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Source: Copy provided by the author for my honest review
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Bonus mini review!

16081655Dylan doesn’t do relationships. He and his older brother watched their dad go through hell and back, so they made a pact years ago—no girl would come between the Gibson boys. But his brother sells out. He's getting married anyway. To the sister of a chick Dylan met at a party, who's probably the angriest girl he's ever met. Unfortunately, she happens to be hot, too.

Ziah’s life is upside down—her safe boyfriend turns out to be not-so-safe, and now her sister is getting married before college is over to the older brother of a spoiled, party boy who drives her crazy. And also makes her heart beat too fast.
There’s no denying the attraction, but there's also no denying how much they irritate each other. When they’re thrown together as forced wedding planners, they find an ally in each other--neither wants this wedding to happen.

But instead of putting a stop to the crazy nuptials they find themselves at fittings and cake testing. And maybe even…a few dates?

Dizzy is a novel about what happens when two people who are determined not to fall in love, maybe do anyway. Maybe.
~ Goodreads | Amazon

My very mini review :-): Check out Nryae's new book Dizzy, co-authored with Jolene Perry. First the cover. ZOMG! LOVE. And second, it's another home run. Dizzy is on the cuter, tamer side of YA romance. Lots of laughs, steamy kisses and swoony moments but more PG than PG-13.


  1. hm..dunno, but I do like the sound of her other book

  2. Downloaded a few of Nyrae's books on my nook. Can't wait to read them!!

    1. Start with What a Boy Wants. Super fun and cute. Most of the other books are a bit more intense but all have humor and sweet romance. You would love them all I'm sure.

  3. Aww this sounds like a fun book! I do like it sometimes waiting for characters to get together when you know how they feel, it's the Pride & Prejudice syndrome. Great review. :D

    1. IT really was. Sometimes I get frustrated waiting for it to happen but these two had a great relationship even before they finally admit things to themselves and each other.

  4. Have this one on my December reading list :)

  5. I can't wait to read this book. I just don't know which book to pick next...Charade, Dizzy, Fixing Carter...too many to choose from!!! I just read both What A Boy Wants and What A Boy Needs and fell in love with her writing. Great review(s).

  6. I have to read this! I liked WHAT A BOY WANTS, I think the author has a really great voice/writing style. The pages in that just flew by for me, and it sounds like this one gave you a similar experience. :) Thanks for the review!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  7. Aww this sounds great. As everything she writes! I haven't read any but all of them sounds really good.