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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guest post and giveaway with Lucky Break author Kelley Vitollo

Kelley has been featured on my blog many times already. I’m a big fan of her writing but you might not recognize her name right away. That’s because she usually writes YA under the name of Nyrae Dawn. Lucky Break (Shamrock Falls, #1) is her first adult book with Entangled publishing written under the Kelley Vitollo pen name.

No matter what name she’s writing under, you can expect the same heartfelt, sexy with a touch of humor writing that make her novels a stand out.

Welcome back to For What It’s Worth Kelley!


I had such a blast writing LUCKY BREAK. You see, it’s my favorite kind of love story—friends to lovers. Sidney and Kade grew up together, but they each left their small town of Shamrock Falls only to come home again.

For Kade because he loved the town and Sidney because she needed a break.

One of my favorite things about writing the reunion of these two people was not only bringing them back together again, but expanding on their past.

Some of my favorite scenes are their flashbacks. I loved experiencing Sidney and Kade getting to know each other again, but still having this rich backstory behind them. It was fun to compare who they were to who they are. Seeing how their friendship started and then giving them a future.

In one story I got to write first kisses—twice. That innocent first kiss of childhood and then as adults with a lot more practice ;)

I loved rediscovering Sidney through Kade and Kade through Sidney.

Learning those little things about them that stayed the same, things that changed and maybe even what was always there, but they never took the time to notice before.


One lucky break is all struggling actress Sidney Williams needs. But when living the LA life becomes too much, she heads back to the small town of Shamrock Falls for the vacation she needs to get her life on track—and immediately runs into Kade Mitchell, her former best friend and the boy next door she’s always regretted leaving behind.

Kade, the new owner of Lucky’s—once the most popular bar in Shamrock Falls—is determined to bring the place back to its former glory, and seeing Sidney again is a distraction he doesn’t need. Sure, the chemistry between them is explosive, but Kade can’t let himself fall into a fling with his best friend—not when he knows she’s soon heading back to the glitter of Tinseltown.

Now, with the possibility of her first major acting role looming, Sidney must decide if her lucky break is in Hollywood or right where she left it—in Shamrock Falls. ~ Goodreads | Amazon 


When she went back into the main room, she ran right into Kade’s sweaty chest. “Oh!” Sidney backed
away. Her body hummed as though she still touched him.

“There you are. I thought you were slackin’ on the job.” He winked.

She didn’t know what it was, but she’d always found something incredibly sexy about a guy winking
at a woman. “Please. If I wasn’t here to hold this place together, you’d be in trouble.” Maybe a slight
exaggeration, but still.

“I’m sure the place would be falling down by now.”

He crossed his arms and smirked at her.

Sidney’s heart stumbled. Stop it. Suddenly, smirks were sexy, too. “I was talking to Aunt Mae.”

“How’s she doing?” he asked, and his eyebrows rose in genuine interest.

“Good. Can you believe she’s dating Old Man Watson?”

Kade chuckled. “I’m not sure he goes by that anymore.”

“He was a grump. Remember when you broke his window and he made you work for him?” She loved
these light, unexpected moments when their past fit so well into the present.

“I broke the man’s window. He had a right to be pissed.”

Now she crossed her arms. “It was an accident. He didn’t have to be so mean to you.” Kade didn’t deserve anyone harassing him.

“It is what it is.” Kade shrugged.

There was a smudge of sawdust on his face. Without thinking, Sidney wiped it away with her thumb.

“You have a little something on you.” Little was correct— it was hardly noticeable. Oh, God. She was actually looking for excuses to touch the man!

“You just like touching me.”

Her cheeks burned. The playfulness in his tone told her he was joking, but it was a little too close
to him reading her mind for comfort. If he could be nonchalant, though, she could too.

Sidney jerked her hand away when she realized it still rested against his cheek. Oops. “When did you
become such a flirt, Kade Mitchell?”

Another grin. “I always have been. You just never noticed.”

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  1. Yay for Kelley! Lucky Break seems like such a fun, sweet story. Can't wait to read it!

    Favorite thing: Maybe when the two friends recognize the changes in the other.

  2. I like reading about them remembering the times from way back when and catching up to what is going on now.

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  3. Thanks for a fun post and congrats to Kelley on the new release! It sounds like a lot of fun :)

    I'd have to say that my fav part of friends falling in love is that shift when they are no longer comfortable around each other b/c they are attracted to each other :)


    1. I love that answer! It has happened to me too. All of a sudden you can't talk to this person anymore and become a babbling idiot lol

  4. Oh I loved What a Boy Wants! I'm glad you told me this is the same person, it's confusing sometimes when authors use different names. This generally isn't really a genre I read but because I love her writing it may be one I'd read anyway.
    Not an entry.

    1. This is a cute story, very similar writing style but with adults. Also, not graphic in the sex department :-) More sweet.

  5. WINNER!

    Andrea @The Bookish Babes