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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 4: The Crossroads Blog Tour & Kindle Giveaway! Amanda Ashby

I’m welcoming author Amanda Ashby to the blog today as part of The Crossroads Blog Tour!

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Karen: Hi Amanda! I read that it took you a while to discover that you wanted to be a writer and several false starts before you were published. What keeps you going during the rejections?

Fairy-Bad-Day-cover-final1Amanda: This sounds new-agey but at the time I really did believe I would sell a book one day (despite all the evidence to the contrary). And so there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach that forced me to keep going. Plus, I’ve always been a pretty simple person and it doesn’t take much to make me happy, so within the rejections I would always look for the positive. Like when you move from getting form rejections to personal rejections or when you get a request from a manuscript (even if it then led to a rejection), I would take each of these things and use them as a step to help me get to the next place. See, I told you it sounded very new-agey, but it really did work for me!

Karen: You write about a variety of paranormal, magical creatures & situations, which are your favorites and is there something you haven't written about yet that you would like to?

Amanda: I had such a laugh writing Zombie Queen that it definitely holds a place as one of my favorites, just because zombies lend themselves to humor so much! As for something I haven’t written about yet, I’ve always been a bit obsessed with beserkers and for years I’ve been trying to secretly sneak one into a book. It hasn’t happened yet, but I will get there one day and I imagine that the results will be pretty messy!!!

Karen: Odd random fact about you that I read on your website. You HATE bananas. Like really hate them lol Why?

Amanda: I hate bananas because they are truly evil. I hate the smell of them and I totally hate the sensation of them when they run slide down your teeth. I also can’t bear sitting near anyone that is eating a raw banana. Oh, and don’t even get me started on what they look like when they are in a fruit salad. Though, because life is ironic, my daughter LOVES bananas and insists on eating squished banana on toast. All. The. Time. It is wrong. Very, very wrong!

ZombieQueenSALESmech.inddKaren:  I LOVED Zombie Queen of Newbury High! (I'm always holding out hope for a sequel *sigh*) How do you think you would fare during a Zombie Apocalypse?

Amanda: Oh, thank you! I’m so pleased you liked Zombie Queen. Once upon a time I had planned a sequel involving Candice and Mia going undercover into a zombie lair. I might even have a first chapter written down somewhere – I must go looking for it!

Anyway, I would be terrible in a zombie apocalypse because I wouldn’t take it nearly seriously enough. My friends Caleb and Maryanne who used to work with me in the library, would always get very upset when I would laugh at their own preparations, which were very detailed and included sensible things like weapons, water, food and vehicles. Whereas my plans involve comfortable shoes, M&M’s and a companion who looks tastier than I do!!!!

Karen: I think that sounds like a very sensible plan! lol

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  1. The fairy and zombie book sounds so fun :D

  2. What a fun interview! And I'm wondering what "berserkers" means. ;-)
    I have Fairy Bad Day and Zombie Queen. I really need to read those soon!