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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Ramblings….

My friend Tiger sent me a link to this funny video: Amazon Yesterday Shipping by TheBilderbergers

Thanks Tiger! Let's hope things don't ever come to this!

I’ve been kind of busy lately so I haven’t been writing many reviews but I’ve been reading A LOT! So here are few quick reviews.

What I read this week:

Blazing Midsummer Nights by Leslie Kelly – (Summary on Goodreads) Super quick, steamy read. The hunky firefighter next door catches workaholic Mimi Burdette with her pants down. Literally. Mimi has to decide between following her life plan and marry the man her father chose for her but who doesn’t light her fire or give in to Xander McKinley and maybe make her own way in the world.

There are a few oddly placed dream/sexual fantasy sequences after Mimi drinks special herbal tea that didn’t work for me even though they help Mimi work out her choices. It made the book take a detour into the paranormal realm when I was enjoying it just find in the real world. Still a good read though that I would recommend. Perfect for beach reading.

LOVED Mimi and Xander together and how Mimi learned to take control of her own future.
Source: BEA 2012 Harlequin

Unraveling the Past by Beth Andrews – (Summary on Goodreads) – Unraveling the past is part mystery, part romance and a whole lot of family drama.The writing is excellent and the characters are quite interesting and complex but after staying up until 1am to finish this book I was left completely baffled by the ending.

Other than the romance (which was very sweet but short changed and rushed to conclusion) not one thing was resolved.

I guess that's ok but I didn't realize just how open ended it would be or even that this was a series when I started.

There are several plot threads going on at the same time besides the romance for the main couple, Layne and Ross, who have a nice build to something romantic after beginning as adversaries. As I said the writing is good, the mystery that ties the characters together is well done but too much is going on without any real resolution.

I'm going to have to decide if I want to continue. Part of me was really frustrated but another part of me wants to know what happens.
Source: BEA 2012 Harlequin

One Small Thing by Piper Vaughn – (Summary on Goodreads) This is such a sweet M/M romance about a reclusive, nerdy guy named Erik who finds himself employed as a “manny” to his out & proud neighbor Rue who just happens to be overwhelmed with a newborn infant.

Okay – so you really need to let go of a few things to enjoy this one. Like the fact that you would leave your infant with a total stranger that doesn’t know anything about babies. Or that a man in his mid 20’s doesn’t have any sexual experience or interest in either sex yet doesn’t really have any self doubt when he starts falling for a man.

But I say toss that all aside because this is such an incredibly sweet story about family and taking chances. I bought into the whole story because I fell in love with all the characters. Usually babies annoy me in books but Alice is adorable.
Source: Purchased

On to the blog wrap-up!

Winner of the Royal Street by Suzzane Johnson giveaway: Erin F
Winner of The Possibilities of Amy by Jaye Frances giveaway: Raelene

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  1. Right, yes I would so hire the guy with no experience

  2. I enjoyed that Leslie Kelly book too!

  3. Yesterday Shipping!

    -"Are you me? Why are you in a box? Am I dead?"
    -"I can hear yourself freaking out."
    -"I/he'll be fine."

    I would also like to note that all the firefighters I personally know in RL are 40-something and balding. Yet all the firefighters in novels are specimens of manly perfection! 'Tis the miracle of fiction.

  4. Laughed when said "so you really need to let go of a few things to enjoy this one." Some books are just like that!

    1. At least the book was fun enough to overlook everything. I really did enjoy it but I'm like WHAAA?? You're leaving your kid with a total stranger?? But of course it all ends up wonderful :-))

  5. LOVE the video! I like my shipping fast but, uh..yesterday is too much for me. :)

    ^ Tiger, you're so funny. My brother is a firefighter. He's 40, not bald though. But nearly all the guys at his station are his age or older and most have hair issues, a few have a beer belly, some are ridiculously short or skinny - not hunky, for sure.

    It's time for the Ultimate Reviewers Challenge again?! Time flew, it feels like I just did it. Time to sign up. ;)

    1. I haven't met too many hunky firefighters in real life either. lol

      I dated a boy in high school and his dad was a firefighter. hunky guys to be seen.

  6. Hehe the video is funny!

    Anyway, I didn't read anything this week, but you read a lot :P

  7. gotta love a quick read like the first one! the yesterday video is hilarious!