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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BEA Wrap-up……New York. FOOD!

Welcome to part three of my BEA Wrap-up. This one isn’t really about BEA at all. It’s about the most important part of the week for me. THE FOOD. Warning!! This is a long, picture heavy post. Go have a cupcake if you make it to the end.


My friend Kimberly (from Living Fictitiously) gave me a little Gumby keychain and he tagged along for the visit and maybe tried to grab a bite of a few of my desserts. (This is a little inside joke – Gumby is featured prominently in Carolyn Crane’s Disillusionists series – a favorite of mine.) So now you know why the little green guy keeps popping up in the following pictures. Don’t know who Gumby is? –> Gumby Wikipedia


~ My excitement began with snagging tickets for a Colbert Show taping!!!! This was SO much fun!!! SOOOO. Much. Fun!! They don’t allow you to take pictures once you are inside the taping but here are a few pics from the room where the keep you before they let you in. Yup – that’s me. You probably will never see another picture of me again so enjoy. That’s also teeny tiny Gumby in Stephen’s hand.


  2012-06-04_17-33-23_363   2012-06-04_17-35-53_788

My ticket!


Stephen comes out to talk to the audience before taping out of character. The guest was civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis. What an awesome show! They play fantastic music before the show and between breaks.

2012-06-04_14-14-47_639~ Earlier that day & again after the taping we ate at Zen Palate, a highly recommended vegetarian restaurant. Kevin had Whole Wheat Noodles and Veggies. I had Rose Petals: homemade soy crepes w/wolfberry seeds & garden vegetables in a sweet rice ginger sauce. No clue what most of that is but it was delicious.

~ We also went to Shake Shack. A few times. Because these are my favorite burgers!!!


~ I tried to be a little experimental and went to JAPADOG – Japanese style hotdogs. The experiment was ….interesting. The hotdog (the Terimayo: JAPADOG's Signature Hot Dog: Teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed.) was delicious as was the sauce and bun but the seaweed was gross. And I like seaweed so I’m not sure what went wrong there. I would try the other flavors at some point though or get the Terimayo again – just without seaweed.

~ Another show taping! This time for The Daily Show!!! I am OBSESSED with Jon Stewart. I have seen every single episode except one of The Daily Show. I can’t even tell you how happy I was to go to this taping!! Again – you aren’t allowed to take pictures. He got in a heated discussion with his guest Edward Conard – former Managing Director for Bain Capitol and we were there for almost an hour as they kept rolling even after there segment was over. For a Jon Stewart geek like myself – it doesn’t get any better than that.

2012-06-04_15-10-51_516     2012-06-07_15-26-46_642

~ After grabbing our tickets we had two hours to kill before the taping. We were headed to Zen Palate again until I discovered people eating outside at the Italian restaurant Il Melograno. This was hands down my best meal in NY. The food was simple, fresh and delicious! We started with a salad and Kevin & I both had pasta dishes. We ended with the BEST tiramisu!!!

2012-06-07_14-55-48_798   2012-06-07_15-06-30_406

~ More Italian food at another restaurant we always go to while in NYC – Risotteria. The food is amazing here and they have dozens of varieties of risotto. We had risotto, pizza and tiramisu.

2012-06-08_16-56-23_65  2012-06-08_16-56-28_978

CUPCAKES!!!! This is my favorite thing about NYC. There are so many cupcake places. Everywhere!

Tea & Sympathy – I LOVE this place and go every time I’m in NYC. The scones and clotted cream are to die for.


Molly’s Cupcakes: They one the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars (berry and mocha cupcakes)

2012-06-08_17-26-19_829  2012-06-08_20-22-54_122

Magnolia Bakery – My favorite cupcakes! (coconut cream, pistachio) So light and fluffy!

2012-06-05_18-13-37_875    2012-06-08_11-16-54_524

Vosges Chocolate store: Good lawd! Look at all that chocolaty goodness!


I also want to mention Good Enough to Eat. This is my favorite restaurant to have breakfast when I’m in NYC. I forgot to take a picture first though Sad smile

Thanks to Tori – The Book Faery – who helped me eat way too much a few of those days and shares my love of cupcakes. She also helped me discover Grand Central Station. OMG. THE FOOOOOD!!! (P.S. You’re not allowed to have classes next year! lol)

WAVES!! Hi! Did you make it to the end of this post?? I'm impressed. Sorry it was so long. I realized it too late and there was no way I was starting this sucker over lol

Until next year.......


  1. I love the food post of BEA and all that looks yummy. Send cupcakes my way next time LOL . Colbert and Stewart :)

  2. Those cupcakes are making me drool!! :) Also, very cool you got to see The Colbert Report AND The Daily Show (I might be just ta *tiny* bit jealous! ;))

    1. I was SO excited to get to go to both of the tapings!!

      I eat so many cupcakes when I got o NY. I go on cupcake overlaid...but then I don't have any again for a year lol

  3. Fantastic post! I haven't eaten breakfast yet and I'm starving. I love Jon Stewart. I would've been geeking put so hard. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That wasn't very long at all, the food pictures made it wonderful to read xD. I need to hang out with you when I go back to NYC my food experience for the most part was OK which was disappointing because I was looking forward to lots of good eats.

    1. We need to do something about the phone situation next time. I wanted to take you to a few of those places after BEA but I couldn't find you or call you!!

  5. I did make it to the end. You're making me so hungry.
    Not the hugest cupcake fan but I do watch Cupcake Wars :)
    I'm so happy that you had a great time here -- it was so fun to meet you.

  6. That sounds so good! I'm going to have to make a point of going to one of those cupcake places (when and if there's a ) next time!

    Also, I know someone who's going to NYC this summer, and she was wondering if I knew any restaurants in particular?! What would be, say, your top 5? If you don't mind!!! And I'll tell her about the cupcake places too!!!

  7. Gumby, cupcakes and BEA!! You can't get any better than that ;)

  8. YUUUUUUUUUMMMMMY!!! I think I drooled all over my computer. The food from Il Melograno looks exquisite..goodness gracious!

  9. *dying of hunger* Most of it looks dreamy! I can't wait to travel a little and try some cool foods out for myself. :-)

  10. Wow. I'm glad you ate your way up and down the city! And double score on the tickets!

  11. What a great trip and it looked like Gumby had an awesome time. My daughter and I have be working our way through people we HAVE to see. A taping of The Colbert Report is one of them. I'm glad to know it was such a great experience. All that food is making me hungry!

  12. OMG! Cupcakes are my weakness, so I probably would have skipped BEA although just to hunt down every cupcake variety available in NY.

    Thanks for the mouthwatering pictures.

  13. This looks like so much fun!!! And you're definitely making me

  14. Oh, my God, that Japanese hot dog looks AWESOME:) Sigh. I love food photos.