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Friday, April 6, 2012

AAD Author Spotlight–Abigail Barnette & Giveaway!

Please join me in welcoming Abigail Barnette, author of Wolf’s Honor, to For What It’s Worth as part of my AAD Author Spotlight series.

Welcome Abigail!

Describe yourself -Twitter style in 140 characters. (feel free to use Twitlonger :-) ) At first I though this said, "Describe your twitter style," and I put, "I make poor decisions." Describing myself twitter style, though... "Author. Lover. Pirate. Part time tuba enthusiast. Jack of all trades, master of none. Fond of Skittles and Danny Trejo."

Use the same format to describe your writing or your latest book. "Noble werewolf breaks his code of honor to protect a human woman. They fall in love. Thirteenth century setting, historical werewolves."

Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you follow before writing? I don't have any superstitions, really, but I do tend to turn off or severely limit my access to the internet when I have to be serious business about writing. I have this horrible tendency to go, "Wait, I should research what kind of shirt he would be wearing," and from there I go, "Well, since I'm online, I'll just check Twitter," and then I end up at reading all day.

Karen: checks…….doesn’t return to finish formatting this post for 1/2 hour……

Do you have a favorite snack that you need to have around? I'm actually losing weight, so I've cut the snacking. I drink a ton of water, though.

What are you most looking forward to at AAD in August? Seeing all my awesome AAD friends. When you see people only once a year, you really look forward to seeing them again. Also, the bad ass karaoke party we're throwing Saturday afternoon for Resplendence Press. Everyone better be there, it's not to be missed!

Is there a book you've recently read that you would tell everyone to go out and buy right NOW! Right now I'm on a huge Robyn Carr kick. I worship her. I'm reading Forbidden Falls at the moment, and it's another winner. I don't care if you hate contemporary romance, if you miss out on Virgin River, you're just missing out on what is possibly the best romance has to offer right now. Someone gave me the first book in the series, I was like, "Oh, good, a Marine. And a baby. And a midwife. And a small town. It's like someone combined everything I hate in a romance and forced them into one book." And then I had to eat my words, because I loved it, and have loved every single book in the series since. She makes the characters so incredibly real.

You can find Abigail on her website or writing as Jennifer Armintrout author of the USA Today bestselling Blood Ties series on website | twitter

Abigail is giving away one e-book copy of her latest release Wolf’s Honor releasing on April 11, 2012 from Resplendence Press.

A low-born, half-breed who is more human than wolf, Henry Barley has never been able to ignore the cruelties visited upon the human servants at Blackens Gate. Powerless to stop the abuses perpetrated by his clan members, he knows he can save one… but rescuing her might test his vow to never love a human.
At first viewing Blackens Gate as an escape from the poverty of her village, Ursula finds a much harsher reality inside the castle’s walls. With a secret she must guard at all costs, she must place her life in the hands of a wolf, and the only man who has ever treated her with kindness and respect.
Though he owes the ruler of Blackens Gate his very life, Henry cannot leave Ursula to her dark fate. In accepting his help, Ursula places her trust in a man she knows she should fear, and Henry must face a foe even greater than Lord Canis himself – a woman who needs him, and who may even come to love him.


You must be 18 to enter – leave your name and email or twitter handle to contact you if you win in the comments section below.

Giveaway ends Friday April 14th at 11:59 pm EST


  1. I would love to read this. Thanks.

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  2. Good for you cutting snacking! I wish I could do that. I work from home and every time I pass through the kitchen (which is ridiculously often if I'm being honest) I grab something and shove it in my face. Usually chocolate. One of these years I'm hoping to make it to AAD, it sounds like such an awesome event!

  3. You had me at "historical werewolves". :-) Abigail, you sound awesome! Anyone who likes, the tuba, and Danny Trejo is destined to be my hero. I also love to hear authors praising other authors, so thanks for your words about Robyn Carr.

  4. Hey, thanks for having me! Absolutely, anyone thinking, "Maybe I should got to AAD..." should immediately follow that up by going. And I could praise Robyn Carr all day long, it's just that people would get tired of me rhapsodizing about those books, LOL.

  5. Oh yeah, Um... I'm also Abigail Barnette. I thought I mentioned that in the interview, but apparently not.

  6. Sounds GOOD!!!! Would love the chance to win

  7. I can't wait for AAD, it seems the more I read these spotlights the faster I want time to pass so I can be in NOLA already!!! :) You are another new-to-me author, however my goal is to read at least one book by each of the featured authors prior to the convention.
    I have to ask which personality do you prefer to go by? When we meet you in person do you prefer Abigail or Jennifer?

    twitter: @Carolline.Greene

  8. agh, I never should have looked at

    check out that is my normal internet crack.

  9. I'll answer to Jennifer, I don't think I've ever had anyone call me Abigail and I've responded, but there is a first time for everything, right?

  10. I LOVE Robyn Carr! I'm sure I wouldn't really want to live in Virgin River, but it sure sounds good to read about. I'm a huge werewolf fan, so a historical werewolf story sounds like it would be a good read.


  11. Yum, Skittles :)

    Historical werewolves sound interesting...

    I need to be better about focusing on what I'm doing when I'm doing it. My mind is always going and when I should be writing up a post I end up checking Twitter or Pinterest constantly, lol. I will check out later otherwise I won't get my commenting done.

    @ReadingWifeJac :)

  12. WINNER of this giveaway is Caroline Greene