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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AAD Author Spotlight: Carolyn Crane


If you have been reading my blog recently you may have noticed that I have become a bit obsessed with the (new to me) Disillusionists Trilogy and it’s spin off novellas. Carolyn Crane has become a must read/auto buy author for me. So I am beyond excited to have Carolyn guest blogging here today.

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No wager is too outrageous for Simon Fitzgerald, the most reckless of the Disillusionists. His dark secrets drive him to take increasingly extreme risks, but he’s never lived so quite so dangerously as when he hooks up with Midcity’s most powerful prognosticator.
Fawna Brady is tormented by the destinies she sees for those around her. To Fawna, knowledge of the future is a cage she’d do anything to escape. She’s stunned to discover a taste of the freedom for which she yearns at the side of Simon, the one person in the world who despises everything she is, everything she stands for.
Simon’s defiant attitude toward destiny captivates Fawna, but will her love destroy him? And will Simon rush headlong into the delicious doom she offers?  (e-book novella)
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Please join me in giving Carolyn a warm welcome!

Seven confessions about luck!

In honor of upcoming St. Patty’s day, and the fact that Devil’s Luck, my new stand-alone novella from the disillusionists world, just came out, I’m talking about luck today!

My sordid history in the luck business
I used to work at this import store where we had little trinkets and masks from all over the world. We really didn’t know what most of the stuff was, but our manager always told us to say everything was for good luck. Let me tell you, we sold some very demonic-looking masks and trinkets to people that they thought were for luck, but heavens knows what they were really for (cue Brady Bunch music. Greg finds the amulet in the Hawaiian cave!) But part of me thinks, if they thought it was for luck, it was probably lucky. Hopefully. 

Luck in books
Do you ever think, with different people in your life who are important to you, how lucky you were to ever cross paths with them? I think that about books all the time. I feel like some authors have really changed my life, either by bringing me endless pleasure, or else by showing me new things as a writer, and that it was sheer luck I came to read them. Because really, isn’t it so random, what makes you pick up a book?  For me, it kind of depends on who I am interacting with at the moment, what I read and hear at specific times. In a parallel existence, I could easily not have read anything by Kresley Cole, for example and be a massive Karen Marie Moning fan. However, in this existence, I am a massive Kresley Cole fan and I have not yet read KMM (but I have her on my shelf! *ducks from flying projectiles*). 

Luck in writing
More than anything in the world, I like to sit around at home and not go places, except for the occasional run. But, as a married person who is not a hermit and who also works as a freelancer, I must go places. Sometimes when I go to, say, a meeting, I see or hear something unexpected that gives me an idea for whatever story I’m working on, and I’ll think, Wow, lucky I went to that meeting.
But then again, maybe if I was forced to go somewhere totally different, a picnic, and had a different experience, maybe that would impact the story and I’d think, Wow! Lucky I went on that picnic! Sometimes I think novels are just a giant collage of all the stuff sifting through your life. Oh, this is a random post indeed!

My theory on luck
The only way you can truly know what is really lucky is if you had an alternate timeline of yourself without that thing.

Social media luck
Woody Allen said that 90% of life is showing up. I think it applies to social media luck. So many lucky and cool things happen on social media, like twitter, but you have to be there. Engaged. Sometimes I just go there and have nothing to say! But even then, I follow interesting links. You never know when hermity Carolyn Crane is lurking.

Character luck
I made Simon, the hero of Devil’s Luck to be a villain in the first book, Mind Games. Seriously, I didn’t want people to like him. And I found out that when you try to make dark and unlikable, they often turn quite interesting and likeable. So I let him be frenemies with Justine, and eventually I liked him so much, I gave him his own book. I feel lucky that this happened - that I learned this character-creating lesson from Simon, and got this great character to write a novella for. I think a lot of character luck like that is following your gut.

Devils luck
Did you know nobody really agrees on what Devil’s Luck means? If you look online, you can see that some people feel it ‘devil’s luck’ is especially bad luck. Other people feel devil’s luck is good luck. I suppose it all depends on if you think the devil is lucky.

Karen, I am so happy you invited me here. thanks so much. And also, for the idea of posting about luck. Happy St. Patrick’s day. I hope luck follows you and your blog readers. 

About Carolyn...

I’m a writer living in Minneapolis with my husband and two daring cats.
I work a day job as a freelance advertising writer, and have for years. I’ve also waited tables at a surprising number of Minneapolis restaurants and bars (though not as many, incidentally, as my writer husband has). I’ve also been a shop clerk and a plastics factory worker, which I was dismal at (think I Love Lucy).
Also, I can relate almost any life experience to one or another Star Trek episodes, and if you invite me to your party, your cheese plate will be in grave danger.
During rare moments when I’m not at my computer, I can be found reading in bed, running, helping animals, or eating Mexican food.

Connect with Carolyn website | twitter | facebook | goodreads | newsletter

Karen here! Thank you Carolyn! I will try not to be too scary/stalkerish when I meet you at the Authors After Dark Convention in August lol

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    1. OMG, I love your cover! And Simon sounds so very intriguing :) Speaking of luck, good luck with the book!

  2. And yes, I do believe in well as hard work & perseverance.

  3. Crazy with the phrase Devil's Luck. I like that there is mixed feelings and thoughts on the meaning. :) Cool!

    Wonderful post Carolyn!! :D And fits so well with St. Patty's day and luck of Simon and the book. ;D

  4. Great post. I do think about the timeline and circumstances of what decisions lead to. And I agree that you wouldn't know what else might have transpired or not transpired unless you had an alternate of what would happen (which I often think about too).

  5. I love you, Carolyn! I lucked my way into reading your work a while back, and I'm so glad to have discovered it, because it has made my reading life brighter. :-)

    I definitely felt that villain-frenemy-protagonist progression from Simon. In book 1, I didn't think he was likable, but I loved him anyway because he was so doggone interesting, much like sweet and epically depressing Shelby.

  6. I absolutely believe in luck! That and karma.

    I recently got the first two books in the series. I cant wait to start.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Absolutely believe in luck :) Love this series and can't wait to read this novella.

  8. Trailer Transport: Thanks. LOL

    Spice Bites: Hey, I agree. Thanks for stopping by!

    Melissa: Isn't it weird? When I was trying to think of titles, I googled it and was intrigued at the obscurity of the meaning.

    Midnyte Reader: Yes! And then you get into the whole possible futures thing... luck is kind of sci fi!

    Tiger: I love that you called Shelby Sweet and epically depressing. LOL

    Andrea: Thanks! I so hope you enjoy.

    Becky: Thank you so very much!!!

  9. I have the worst luck, I really do. I blame my father because he has it too. LOL

    So yes, I do believe in luck because even though I have bad luck it's still something. :)

  10. Mind Games...isn't that the book series you're in love with? I don't remember b/c I'm old, lol.

    Great interview!

    1. Yes it is. & I will harass you until you read it lol

  11. Missie: my dad had bad luck, too! He refused to ever gamble.

    Lena: LOL. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  12. I think exactly the same thing about luck with books! All the wonderful book peeps, especially you :-), on Twitter have been leading the way to all sorts of marvelous bookaholic serendipity, and not just books themselves, but also ab fab blogs and other bookworm delights. One thing leads to another, which leads to another, which leads... :-)

  13. This people probably have demons in their houses now! HA!

    Many good things come from least from my blog. :)

    I just signed up for her newsletter! OH! And Double Cross is now in my hands! Starting it as soon as I can!

    1. I didn't answer the question about luck...oops! Do I believe in luck? No. but I sure do use the phrase, "Good luck" on a regular basis. I think working for what you want in life in it's own way is luck. <--that probably makes no sense.

  14. I believe in luck wish I had some more offen! This sounds like a great book thank you for the great giveaway!

    1. Well, good luck to you then! Thanks for stopping by!

  15. I do. But I also believe we have a hand in our own luck as well.

  16. Sounds like such an intriguing read... Plus Karen has totes recommended me to me to read The Disillusionist Series. Can't wait to gush over these books with her. Oh, and luck... not only do I believe in it... I thrive on it ;)

  17. Yes, I believe in luck or fate. I think there are some things you can change but some things are set in stone.

  18. yes, I believe in luck.. It just doesn't like me all that much lol

  19. Yes I do, we make our own luck :)

  20. I do believe in luck. Thanks for the giveaway!