For What It's Worth

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tune in Tuesday

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger over at GReads! to share the music we're listening to and maybe discover someone new.

My pick this week is an oldie. "I Melt With You" by Modern English. I fell in love with this song back in the 80's. I don't believe it was ever that big of a mainstream hit but I still hear it on the radio at least two or three times a year. I absolutely love this song to this day.

I mean c'mon! He'll STOP THE WORLD & melt with you! lol How romantic.

I found the original video but I will spare you that. It almost ruined the song for me. This was the 80's and the early days of MTV - some things don't need to be seen.


  1. hahaha but that is classic 80s at it's best! Love this song too :-)

  2. Oh my God could I love this post any more! I love love this song...I love that it was in Valley Girl, a movie which I love! Ok I will shut up with all the Loves! GREAT CHOICE

  3. Great song! The '80s were often disastrously cheesy, but they also gave us some great music!

    My pick for this week is here:

  4. This song is classic and one of my all-time favorites! I have a few covers of it too... all great. :)

    My Tune in Tuesday pick!

  5. What a great song! Although I didn't recognise it until 'I'll stop the world & melt with you' then I was like: I love this! *dances*

  6. This is probably top 10 in my all-time favorite songs! I have always loved it and loved it even more when it was in a Disney movie a few years ago!

  7. "mesh and lace". Mesh and Lace. Meshandlace. Rather a catchy lyric. :-) I like this song too, though I first heard it as a cover on the soundtrack of Sky High in 2005. This version is rawer and real-er.

    And I soooo hear you about the visuals. This is why most of the time I post lyrics videos for my favorite kpop songs. 'Enjoy the music, y'all--you don't need to know what else goes with it'. :-)