For What It's Worth

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tune in Tuesday - Of Monsters and Men

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger over at GReads! to share the music we're listening to and maybe discover someone new.

This week my pick is Of Monsters and Men - "Little Talks"

Of Monsters and Men is an indie/folk band from Iceland. I've been hearing this song on Sirius's - Alt Nation a lot recently and it's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. It has a bit of a Mumford & Sons feel to it.

Bio: Of Monsters and Men are the 2010 winners of M├║siktilraunir (a nation wide battle of the bands competition). The band's name is apt and fitting to their lyrics, which mostly comprise stories of all kinds of monsters, both fictional and human. While they used to be mainly an acoustic band, OM&M has taken their sound to a different level with the addition of bass, drums, piano and the accordion. Creating a bigger sound.


  1. Never heard of them! I feel like you keep introducing me to bands I've never heard of. :)

  2. Definitely get the Mumford & Sons vibe :) I like it.

  3. I love Monsters and Men..they play regularly on my iPod! Great post

  4. Great band, thanks for posting about them. I have never heard of them before.

  5. Cool! I will go check them out. I like being introduced to new music as well as new books!

  6. New to me and I am definitely digging it. (I think when someone says Ireland or Scotland - that helps to sell me too!)