For What It's Worth

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Ramblings...


I haven't done a Sunday Ramblings in a few weeks because honestly I needed a breather from posting. I was suffering from a bit of blogger burnout. The self imposed desire to have a new post everyday was wearing me down so I decided to relax a little and go to other things that didn't involve sitting at my computer fighting with Blogger for several hours per day.

Things like playing with my friends new puppy....Sally....pictured above. Puppies make everything better.

Any-hoo.....since I haven't done a wrap-up in a while, I'll be putting all the links to the reviews and meme's from the past few weeks in case you've missed something.

I do believe my slump is over.....thankfully just in time for my 2 year Blogoversary next month!

Gratitude Giveaway Hop! Pick your book! Open to international entries - ends 11/27!

Have a great Sunday! and welcome to all the new followers from the giveaway hop!


  1. ramble away and yeah for getting over slumps

  2. Puppies do manage to make everything better. And Sally is adorable!!

  3. Yes, puppies do make things better :)

    I feel ya on the blogging slump. I'm there too. Hopefully I can get out of my slump and write some reviews. LOL

  4. As Hannah said: PUPPY!

    I like when you look at an older dog and think how small and adorable they were as puppies.

  5. @Alex - I get a little sad looking at Beau and Indy's puppy pictures. They are both starting to get a little grey now and they were just so darn fluffy when they were little.

  6. Yay for the end of slumps! I've had a one, too, regarding books--I think I'm freaking people out with all the CD reviews.

    I'm really psyched for your blogoversary. You'll be my first close friend to hit 2 full years of blogging. It's a big deal! Mazeltov!

  7. Yes, I agree puppies and kittens make everything better.

  8. Awwwww. I love that! I also adore the innocent look of those huge eyes, floppy ears (not with yours perhaps) and just seeing how small they were! I meant to ask too, who are they taking after? Indy or Beau?

  9. OMG!!! That is such a cute puppy!!!, cuteness!